Happy Father’s Day, Papi!


I just wanted to give a shout out to my wonderful father today. Although I’m shooting a wedding and can’t be there with my family, I have to say that without a doubt my dad is the WORLD’S BEST FATHER.

Last Thursday I took him out to dinner. I told him he could pick anywhere he’d like to and order whatever he wanted because the tab was on me. We spent three hours talking and enjoying an awesome meal. When it came time to pay the bill, I proudly slapped down my credit card–you know, to show him what a big girl I’ve become–but when the waiter came to pick up the bill, he informed me that the credit card machine had just broken and he was accepting cash only. What?!? Who carried around cash anymore?!

Apparently, my father still carries cash.

So, instead of the delicious meal being covered by his most favorite daughter for Father’s Day, he paid. I guess some things never change. He’s taken very good care of me since he first held me in his chocolate-colored arms and he constinues to do the same today.

I love you, papi! 🙂