He’s Mean and I Love It!


It’s just an unexpected transition

That’s what JD told me a few days ago. Yes, but why do MY unexpected transitions come at all the wrong times, I moaned. JD muttered something about me throwing a pity party and inviting only myself, but I ignored him. That’s what I like most about JD—his unique ability to be passively aggressive. He’s one of the most kindest, gentlest and docile souls I know, but he also has this jagged mean streak. And I love it! I have a strong personality and while I might appear to be unruly, JD has me under his neatly manicured thumb. He doesn’t allow me to get away with pitying myself, speaking negatively, or making fun. Or else I know I have somethin’ fierce headed my way. He’s witty and clever…and can make fun of me in the meanest of ways. He’ll capitalize on my idiosyncrasies and whip a joke that will have me simultaneously in laughter and tears. He’s mean and I love it.

Hence the pity-party-that he-wasn’t-invited-to comment.

Today I’m floating back and forth between editing and filling cardboard boxes with remnants of our home. JD and I are moving to Irvine, so the next two or three weeks will be filled with shuttling furniture, shooting weddings and engagement sessions, and trying to regain a semblance of normalcy. I’ll most likely be blogging about my adventures of moving (Should the new couches go here or there?!) as well as my photography projects, so stay tuned as my life revs into overdrive!

P.S. Does anybody have good packing tips for a girl who has OCD and is fixated with packing tape? 😉