How to Create Client Connections


Dear Jasmine,
I was wondering in what ways, besides a consultation, engagement session, following clients on social media, and being a resource for them, are there any other interactions that you initiate with clients to build a relationship and connection with them before the wedding?
Thank you in advance for taking the time to respond,
Craving Connections

Dear Craving Connections,
This is a lovely question and something I need to ask myself often. Being a small business owner, I truly value the relationships I build with my clients and I do everything I can to make it happen. However, I usually take the lead from the client…the last thing I want to seem like an overzealous girl who wants to be BFFs with her clients. Besides, being creepy, I don’t think it’s professional.

I’ve discovered the best way to create a solid relationship with clients is simply responding to email in a timely manner. As ridiculous as it sounds, I can’t tell you how often my clients thank me for replying within 24 hours. The quickest way to make clients feel unimportant is lagging when it comes to email responses.

I also follow my clients on social media as this helps me have a better understanding of who they are…then this empowers me to think of them outside of the traditional online sense. For example, when I shot this San Francisco elopement at City Hall, I learned Paul and Christine were donut connoisseurs (every city they traveled to, they ate at the most famous donut shops). After their wedding, I came across the cutest donut stationary, so I purchased it and sent it to them as a gift.

But it’s not just limited to gifts. If a client updates her status on Facebook, I respond. If a client and I share a mutual love for Ryan Gosling, I post a Hey Girl meme to her wall. Things like that. Still to this day I have past brides email me funny wedding photos or online stories I might find interesting.

All in all, find a way to care. That’s it. Small gestures (a hand written note, sending a wedding app recommendation you’ve found helpful, commenting on pictures of her dog) are all genuine ways to show you care. And caring is the best thing you could do for your business.

Keep on Connecting,