I {HEART} My Shootsac


At first I didn’t know what it was…as I peeled back the plastic wrapping, I yelped as if someone has just stepped on my invisible tail. The yelp turned into shrieks of delight and I hugged my new Shootsac like it was there to save my life. I’ve been waiting for the Shootsac to be delivered since WPPI a couple months ago, and my bag was the first batch off the assembly line (if you ordered at WPPI, you should be receiving your bag shortly as well!). Jessica Claire asked if I’d be able to help her promote the bag and sell. And did I! I was on the showroom floor hawkin’ bags like nobody’s bid-ness…but it was easy because the bags are nothing short of amazing. I love them! They’re a perfect solution to shooting ease and comfortability…and style! The bag is an ergonomic sachel with six compartments—three in the front and back—and holds everything I need during a wedding. The bag is not intended to substitute a traditional backpack or rolling bag, it’s actually works in tandem with those bags. The Shootsac carries everything I need for that shooting situation, nothing else. I don’t have to worry about carrying a cumbersome backpack or run back to get something from it. In fact, everything I needed for my engagement session today fit in my Shootsac…it’s glorious! I didn’t even need to take my purse because it held everything I needed for the shoot…check it out:

If you haven’t done so already, do yourself a favor and purchase the Shootsac…and you can thank me later! 😉