I’m in Denver


I told anyone who’d listen. Yes, yes I’m going a wedding…AS A GUEST! I told friends. I told my family. I told JD again and again. I told the TSA agent who frisked me early this morning. Yes, yes I’m going a wedding…AS A GUEST!

I boarded a plan early this morning and arrived in Denver, Colorado for my friend Erin’s wedding. This is the first wedding I’m attending since starting my photography business, so I’m excited to get gussied up, wear heels, and cocktail hour? Don’t mind if I do! Tiny appetizers have always been my thing. Actually, food in any portion has always been my thing.

I’ll be responding to email upon my return, so thanks for your patience.

My best friend from college, Ginger, and I drove to Colorado Springs this afternoon and visited Garden of the Gods. We ran through the beautiful grounds and though we didn’t intend to jog for two hours, but we got lost. Somewhere against the red rocks, Ginger and I leaned over and decided that the altitude? Definitely makes a girl feel outta shape.