I’m On A BOAT!


The one thing I wanted to do while in Seattle was take a boat ride. It was the top of my Seattle Bucket List (along with eating every ounce of cheese I came across and knitting a scarf…no luck with the latter), so one might imagine my disappointment when I realized I needed a boat license to rent a boat (WHO KNEW?!) and every electronic duffy boat in the city was reserved for the weekend (don’t hate on the duffy boat…they’re cute in that I-don’t-have-a-boating-license-kinda-way). Whoa, I’m really loving parenthesis today, huh?

Much to my delight and surprise, our friends Kate and Chase Jarvis invited us on their boat and we spent the duration of sunset parked in the middle of Lake Union. I tried to act all nautical (I even packed an anchor-printed scarf, but didn’t wear it because it made me look like a Hispanic Gilligan…gone wrong), but realized a plastic cup of bubbly, great conversation, and a plate of hummus was all a person needs on the water.

Do you like how I wrote “on the water” like I’m now a boating pro? (Wow).

This is JD when he’s acting pensive and way deep in thought…

Speaking of pensive…so not me! I requested JD refer to me as SKIPPER for the remainder of our time in Seattle since I did such a great job navigating our anchored boat…he cropped this photo so well you can’t tell we’re docked!

This view? Holds a special place in my heart and I want to make this city my new BFF, complete with a two-part broken heart necklace.

Happy Thursday!