Inbox Full of Curveballs


He said he needed a few photos from my portfolio. I said I was kind of busy and a wee bit stressed, so if he could wait, I’d owe him one. JD said he couldn’t wait. Frustratedly, I sat in my office and my mood filled the air with charcoal fumes. I wasn’t having a good day and a few things occurred in the morning that made me want to shout at my email inbox, Yeah, well, I didn’t like you any way! And your head smells like brussel sprouts!

I was in a funk.

I emailed JD the requested photos and I apologized for my mood. I wrote I appreciated him and explained life can sometimes move too fast…I guess sometimes I can remain in a constant state of SPRINT!

Over lunch, JD asked how I was doing. I smiled. Everything that matters–truly matters–is wonderful. We have a roof over our heads, food in the fridge, a fabulous dog, my mother is healthy, our families are happy, and we’re moving toward our dreams. Life.Is.Good. Yes, there are moments when life throws a curveball, but if what matters most remains intact, I’ll be fine. Regardless of what my inbox throws my way.

In case you’re having a brussel sprout-smelling day, feel free to watch this video. It made me laugh until I cried.