Join Me for Happy Hour TODAY


Last night my stomach flip-flopped a few times before going to bed.

What if I’m there all by myself…with no one to talk to?! I asked JD this question like I was headed to kindergarten for the first time. Or a birthday party I planned for myself. I made him promise that if no one showed up for Blu Domain’s Happy Hour TODAY at NOON (PST), he’d log on and ask me questions. However, I told him he should only ask me questions I’m confident answering. So asking how to change a tire is off limits?…What about washing dishes–yeah, that one’s way off limits, right?

If you’d like to hang out and chat, please feel free to log onto Blu’s Blog and turn the party out…my good friends [b]ecker and Jesh hosted Happy Hour for the past couple of days so hopefully they answered all the technical stuff and we can just talk about my amazing dog, all things sugar, and life. Because, well, if you don’t come, I’ll be chatting with my husband…about tire changing. Or dish washing.

And that’s so not fun 🙂

EDIT: THANK YOU to EVERYONE who stopped by to say hello. I’m incredbly humbled and I thank you for your interest in my business. A special and warm thank you must go to Kailee, Aundrea, and the entire Blu Domain team for allowing me to share. Much Love…. J*