Kimberly Curtis : Anytime


A couple days ago, while standing in a kitchen surrounded by Chinese take-out boxes and fortune cookies, some friends were making fun of my driving record. And, ahem, my ticket. Or should I say tickets? Yes, I received yet another speeding ticket (if you’re keeping track, I got TWO in one week), so I’ve vowed to change my ways. I suppose my driving emulates my life: GoGoGoGOOOOO.

I drove to Santa Barbara on Tuesday (keeping my speed at a lazy 80MPH) and I’m always encouraged when I get to such a beautiful beach city. Once the 101 freeway opens along the coast, I pop my sunroof open, roll down my windows, and take a deep breath of the wild mustard flowers mixed with sea salt. I was extra excited because I was going to meet Kimberly Curtis for the first time.

Kimberly is a fabulous Event and Wedding Coordinator in the Montecito and Santa Barbara areas. She designs premiere events and has the most amazing clientele, a niche she’s worked very hard at carving. Not only is Kim awesome at what she does, she’s an even better person…we got along amazingly well and I look forward to working with her in the near future. If you’re a bride planning a destination wedding in Santa Barbara, be sure to check her out!

We got together at her family home to capture headshots for her new website. Once the site goes live, I’ll be sure to add a link to my blog. Here are a few images that caught my eye…

My favorite shot of the day…

When Kim told me she brought her dog, Buddy, along for the shoot, was I stoked because I’m a fur lover. Little did I realize Buddy weighed just as much as Kim (which made for some hilarious pictures of Buddy dragging Kim along) and he thought it was play time, not photo time. He was such a character and made the shoot so fun! Unfortunately, Buddy wasn’t feeling the modeling, so here are a few out-takes I couldn’t pass up blogging…

In a last ditch attempt to keep Buddy still, I channeled all my Dog Whisperer skills and begged him to sit still for one shot…and here it is! 🙂

Thanks, Kim, for such a lovely afternoon! It was a pleasure meeting you and your amazing family! 🙂