Kisses and Disses : Chutney + Budgets


I stared up at my friends in horror from the cement, hoping against all odds THAT didn’t just happen. Oh, but it did. On our way to dinner on Monday night in Downtown San Diego–laughing, hungry after a workout, and tired from a full day–we walked the streets in search of the perfect Indian restaurant. As we rushed across the street to avoid the red light, I quickly stepped onto the sideway and then…slipped.

And not like a graceful, elicit pity slip. It was straight out of a cartoon…you know, where I’m suspended in midair for nine seconds while my feet pedal in hopes of avoiding a fall. Next thing I know, I pancake the sidewalk. Then I pray for God to send a giant earthquake to SWALLOW ME WHOLE. I lay on the floor while my friends rush over and ask if I had a seizure. Or momentarily levitated.

After a few seconds, I dust my ego off and get back on my feet. Just then a group of dashing Don Draper lookalikes approach me and I kinda hope they ask if I’m okay. You know, so I can bat my eyes and act all Grace Kelly. Instead, the one with the red tie smiles and says, Don’t worry, none of us saw you fall!

So, yeah, this leads me to another installment of Kisses and Disses

This week’s DISSES go to…
*The guy wearing the red tie. I mean, really? I fell…in public…hard. Couldn’t he have let a girl bat her eyelashes?!
*One-ply toilet paper. Why even bother making it anymore?
*Budgets. Yes, I need to stay away from shopping for a bit…I got all Girl in the Green Scarf for a hot minute, so I need to check myself. Ummm, let’s hope for the best.

This week’s KISSES go to…
*Apricot chutney. Tried it for the first time on Monday night and my life? Will never be the same. Chutney completes me.
*Trader Joe’s Midsummer Night’s Cream. Yes, this cream is uber moisturizing and leaves your freshly shaven legs shiny. Say it with me now, Ooooooh…
*Mail. Random, I know. But everyday I check the mailbox to see if I’ve received a note or card. I sound pathetic admitting this online, but I don’t care. I love paper…and words…and signatures. I save all notes I receive because I’ve convinced myself one day I’m going to find a cool way to display them all. Whoa, I have issues.

Happy Friday!