Kisses + Disses : To Never Neverland


We sat around the table with a pot of tom kah gai poured between us, the scent of coconut milk and lemongrass filling the air. It’d been a few weeks since I’d seen my friends because of our jagged schedules, so we decided to meet at a Thai restaurant off the 5 Freeway at the last minute because, randomly, everyone was in town. Whoa, that was a long sentence. It was rainy (by California standards) and we battled over an hour’s worth of traffic, but sitting around the table faded the world outside the steamy windows.

We took turns sharing life’s random stories. I began with a story about buying lipgloss from a guy wearing an acid washed vest on the streets of New York and ended with a my plans for later that evening. I was going to the Girl Talk concert. As in the D.J., my friend Melanie asked. She didn’t wait for my reply when she continued with, You know you’re going to go to a concert where the majority of the attendees were BORN IN THE 90s.

Uhh, hold on, I can’t hear you. Let me put in my hearing aid. And warm up some apple sauce while I’m at it.

I put down my spoon. Oh my gush, I said in between bites of something fried and definitely on the List Of Things I Shouldn’t Eat, I think I have the Peter Pan Syndrome…what if don’t wanna grow up?! The table was quiet. Which, like, sucked because I wanted my friends to be all you’re sooooo mature and soooo wise. And use all those o’s.

After some thinking, my sister diagnosed me with shades of Peter Pan-ism. Sure, I might have a hard time admitting I’ve grown up, but when it comes to certain aspects in life, I definitely act like an adult. Then we toasted. My friends raised their glasses to life, but in the back of my mind I said, HERE’S TO NEVER NEVERLAND!

This is a iphone picture from last night’s concert. There were glow sticks, balloons, and the smell of hundreds of people dancing in a small room. Go ahead, take a whiff.

This leads me to another installment of Kisses and Disses

This week’s DISSES go to…
*Growing up. Have you ever had the urge to freeze life in this moment? Me too.
*My inbox. Some weeks my inbox gives me heart palpitations…this was one such week.
*Injuries. Polo hurt his foot, so the vet requested he wear a cone around his head and a bootie on his foot. He looks so pitiful I sneak him bits of cheese to brighten his day.

This week’s KISSES go to…
*Friends. It’s been said a person is lucky to have one true friend in life…I’m blessed to have four.
*Chobani yogurt. It’s healthy and tastes good. And makes up for the fried food I sometimes eat.
*Pixie dust. Oh, com’on…you KNEW that was coming!

Happy Friday!