Kisses+Disses : Bugs + White Pants

Kisses+Disses : Bugs + White Pants


It was just past midnight when I closed my book and sat up in bed. I had ideas (most of which had to do with melting cheese, buying a unicycle, and photography) and I needed someone to talk to. I sat Indian style in bed and JD propped himself on his left arm so he could stare at me. It was then when I felt something like legs on my forehead. FREAKING LEGS ON MY FREAKING FOREHEAD. I thought to myself there’s no way a bug could be happily walking across my forehead, but when I saw JD’s face scrunch up in a way that he resembled his Chinese grandfather, I knew. FREAKING LEGS.

I screamed, jumped from the bed to the wall in what could be considered world-class parkour, and slapped my face repeatedly.

I’m a vegetarian and a true animal lover, but if a creature walks across my face, all bets are off. The upside to this ordeal is how I impressed my husband with my athletic prowess, knowledge I’m a great slapper, and I had so much adrenaline I outlined a new project (which may or may not be dealing with melted cheese).

This leads me to another installment of Kisses and Disses

This week’s DISSES go to…
*Bugs. I’m a city girl and if it has more than four legs, chances are I’m not its friend.
*Politics. I hate when the country becomes divided…it makes me feel like my parents are arguing in the room next door.
*The cancellation of Jersey Shore. My heart broke into a million tiny GTL pieces.

This week’s KISSES go to…
*Project Runway. Yet another season has pulled me in and I’d probably be quite embarrassed admitting how emotionally invested I am in this show.
*My new 6’x4′ white board. I’m taking my organization skills to a new level…and it makes me feel way profesh.
*My new white pants. I bought them on clearance (after Labor Day, of course) but I fully plan on wearing them well into December. Thug life.
And a bonus kiss goes to Leigh Barnes for winning the 50mm, 1.4 Lens Giveaway by Adorama…congrats!

Happy Friday!

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  1. Jenni -

    Congrats Leigh!!!

      9.7.12 - 3:35 pm

  2. Tish Hill -

    Congrats to Leigh – I’m jealous but I’ll survive! 😉

      9.7.12 - 3:58 pm

  3. Myk -

    Hate that I didn’t win that lens…but hate bugs even more 🙁

      9.7.12 - 4:02 pm

  4. Jana Long -

    oh my word. I just laughed SO hard!!!!! "JD’s face scrunch up in a way that he resembled his Chinese grandfather!" bahahahaha! I’m envisioning this whole ordeal in my head…way too funny!

      9.7.12 - 4:03 pm

  5. Ann Keen -

    Bugs are NOT my friend either!! Congrats Leigh!!

      9.7.12 - 4:10 pm

  6. Dave Wilson -

    Congrats Leigh!!!!

      9.7.12 - 4:16 pm

  7. Lu -

    Congratulations Leigh Barnes! I’m sorry I didn’t win it, but I’m also happy you did!

      9.7.12 - 4:27 pm

  8. Karen -

    LOL! I’m exactly the same when a bug gets on me. Except, I add screams of terror and tears…lots of tears.

      9.7.12 - 4:28 pm

  9. Mercedes Snow -

    And just when I thought I couldn’t love you any more, you admit to being a Jersey Shore fan. And that’s when all the tiny GTL pieces of my broken heart came back together.

      9.7.12 - 4:30 pm

  10. Amanda Osorio -

    Congratulations Leigh!!! 🙂

      9.7.12 - 4:36 pm

  11. tessie reveliotis -

    Great installment of Kisses + Disses! I am not a fan of spiders either. Best of all, Congratulations to Leigh Barnes! 🙂

      9.7.12 - 4:39 pm

  12. Abby Grace -

    That is PERFECT description of how I feel about politics, too! It makes me want to delete my Facebook account.

      9.7.12 - 4:40 pm

  13. Shawna -

    Jasmine! Girl, I feel ya with the FREAKING LEGS. The more legs a bug has, the more I’m freaked out by it. House centipedes!? They are my worst nightmare. I don’t know if you have them in Cali or not.. if not, don’t even Google it! There was a huge one.. HUGE.. in our bathroom the other night. I tried killing it with the trash can (yes, a trash can) and woke up my husband because he thought someone was trying to break into the house. Hahaha =D Thankfully, he killed it for me. Blech.

      9.7.12 - 4:40 pm

  14. WendyE -

    As much as I love’em white pants can only go on this booty if I’m selling advertising space 😀
    Congrats Leigh!!

      9.7.12 - 4:45 pm

  15. Stephanie -

    My BF has become emotionally invested in Project Runway, too. After last night’s episode, he said, "I think this is one of those shows that you don’t have to convince me to watch. I actually kinda like it." He’s also a fan of Teresa Giudice and the Real Housewives of New Jersey so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised!

      9.7.12 - 5:07 pm

  16. Brooke Tewell -

    Congrats to Leigh! And I was also bumbed about Jersey Shore. My husband tells me and he says: "finally they cancelled that stupid jersey shore." Then I’m like "NOOOOO" 🙂 lol

      9.7.12 - 5:15 pm

  17. Abby Hacker -

    I am with you! I can see a bug, but just the thought of it TOUCHING me is when it becomes not ok!

      9.7.12 - 5:22 pm

  18. Sodanie -

    Congrats to Leigh!

      9.7.12 - 5:23 pm

  19. Kristen -

    On "What Not to Wear", they say that wearing white after Labor Day is o.k. now. But honestly, I still can’t do it, either!! Haaa! Great things my mother taught me!! 😉

      9.7.12 - 5:27 pm

  20. Michelle Horn -

    Love the DISS + KISS section. The bug story is great too. LOL

      9.7.12 - 5:29 pm

  21. Uche -

    I’m actually glad Jersey Shore got cancelled. A host of other reality shows needs to be cancelled too, although i shamefully admit to watching these mind polluting shows that got me shaking my head at myself!

      9.7.12 - 5:43 pm

  22. Whitney Lane Arnett -

    I think its high time I started watching project runway. I need a new addiction

      9.7.12 - 5:48 pm

  23. michele -

    I feel the same way about bugs… creepy crawly… no thank you!!!

      9.7.12 - 5:54 pm

  24. Serena Swenson -

    Congrats Leigh! 🙂

      9.7.12 - 6:08 pm

  25. karen camargo -

    Congratulations to the winner

      9.7.12 - 6:23 pm

  26. Avaleen -

    Seriously, politics makes my head hurt. I can’t wait for the commentary, stupid ads and pointless sound bites to go away.

      9.7.12 - 6:33 pm

  27. Wendy Riley -

    You made me laugh out loud to myself!! I have not laughed all day… thank you!!

      9.7.12 - 6:36 pm

  28. Kimberley Lucas -

    Congratulations, Leigh!! How excited you must be! 🙂

      9.7.12 - 7:02 pm

  29. Jillian McDermott -

    I so enjoy reading your blog posts! Congrats to the winner!

      9.7.12 - 7:38 pm

  30. Kirk Willcox -

    Congrats to the winner.

    Jasmine i have a confession, like you im a reality TV fan too. Gotta love project runway, you cant help but think how you would design an outfit too, and trust me i cant sew. Real housewives of New Jersey and the rest of that franchise is a great way to pass the loss of jersey shore if you haven’t already started watching that show on bravo you should!

    Have a great weekend.

      9.7.12 - 11:21 pm

  31. Leigh Barnes -

    I’m so so so excited!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!! I’ll def be paying it forward!!!!

    What a happy ending to a rough week! 🙂

      9.7.12 - 11:37 pm

  32. Shannon -

    Laughing reall good. love this post. I think we’re twins. Only you’re smart and cool and I’m way too tall.

      9.8.12 - 12:07 am

  33. Diana -

    Girl, I am with you on those bugs. They can stay as far away from please.

      9.8.12 - 12:51 am

  34. LEOLAK -

    Jasmine I sooo agree with you on the more than 4 legs we not friends vibe. Bugs…ick! Always look forward to Kiss/Disses. CONGRATS LEIGH!!!

      9.8.12 - 2:38 am

  35. Melissa Avey -

    Legs…foreheads? HUH? CONGRATS! 😛

      9.8.12 - 3:39 am

  36. Meagan -

    awesome thing? reading your blog. not-so-awesome thing? eating a cracker WHILE reading your blog. I laughed SO HARD at the "FREAKING bug" that I choked on a cracker!!! oh, the risks that are taken for a late-night snack and a good read. 🙂

      9.8.12 - 3:54 am

  37. Denver photographer -

    Congrats to the winner!!

      9.8.12 - 4:11 am

  38. Tina Johnsson -

    Congratulations Leigh!!!

      9.8.12 - 3:34 pm

  39. Marcy -

    Congrats to the winner!!!!!

      9.9.12 - 4:47 am

  40. Beth Fleming -

    I FREAKING LOVE your blog. 🙂

      9.9.12 - 5:09 pm

  41. Bogdan -

    Anything with 6 legs can also qualify as dinner :-)… (think lobster)

      9.9.12 - 5:32 pm

  42. Camille -

    Ugh…Amen to the politics thing. Can’t we all just get along???

      9.10.12 - 4:17 am

  43. Megan -

    Love your work! Been following the blog for a while. Just wanted to give you a heads up, there’s a studio in Sydney that’s copying your website design. Their name is Dreamlife, and their blog is EXACTLY the same design as yours.

      9.10.12 - 1:38 pm

  44. vikram -

    found you today, love the way you do it.

    Any other contest to win lenses 😛

      9.10.12 - 1:50 pm

  45. Eugene -

    congrats Leigh!

      9.10.12 - 4:20 pm

  46. Ashley Christine -

    Oh, gross! Yeah, I’m pretty sure bugs were part of the curse on mankind. Just sayin’… How ’bout a bat walking across your pillow… the one you are actually sleeping on!! I have officially mastered the army crawl when bats "grace" the house from unseen places. 😉

      9.11.12 - 1:49 am

  47. Alex Sablan -

    I am embarrassed to admit…I too…am addicted to Project Runway. I think mostly because the Russian girl makes me smile because the things that come out of her mouth dance around in my head daily.

      9.11.12 - 3:13 pm

  48. ashley goodwin -

    You and your projects make me feel like a serious slack ass.

      9.11.12 - 9:36 pm

  49. michelle carrillo -

    Ha! I SOOOO feel ya on the BUG thing. That’s how I WOKE UP on Sunday morning. Felt a creepy-crawler across my FOREHEAD and suddenly launched myself (and the spider, probably) out of bed and across the room. So. not. cool. I’m doubling my efforts at training my dog to spider-hunt for me.

      9.12.12 - 12:51 am

  50. Kristine -

    I was literally laughing out loud!!! I had a similar incident with a cockroach that I rather not recall sue to the deep emotional wounds it caused me! I also agree with the diss towards this being the last season of Jersey Shore. It’s my guilty pleasure!

      9.17.12 - 10:42 pm

  51. Kerala Wedding Photographer -

    Good to see these posts

      9.30.12 - 4:41 pm

  52. Marcia (123 blog) -

    just stumbled upon your blog and happily reading (procrastinating) instead of writing my newsletter.

    Anyway, your "slapper" comment made me laugh because in the UK they call a "loose" girl a "slapper" LOL because I can see you’re anything but!

      12.11.12 - 8:50 pm

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