Kisses+Disses : Christmas Lights + Passport Photos


Sometimes he drives by it reeeeeeal slow. And then back again slowly to park in our garage. Our house is illuminated with Christmas lights this time of year with thanks to JD. Last year we didn’t put up lights because he boycotted in light of the debacle the previous year. Yeah. That was the year I got all Griswold Christmas on him and begged him to cover–no, drench–our house in lights. He spent the entire day on the roof, second story, in between trees to ensure he didn’t have to hear me ask for more lights on that bald patch by the kitchen window.

When sunset arrived, we walked outside, turned on the lights and it felt like a Hallmark commercial. A few hours later, our sprinklers turned on and blew an open fuse, resulting in 90% of our lights to not work. And we couldn’t fix it. It felt like a Hallmark commercial set to heavy metal music.

This year JD rigged extension cords to avoid another outage, but I can’t figure why. He decided to take a minimalist approach to lights this year. As in JUST OUR BUSHES. Who does that?! We have what I refer to as the Almost-Just-Kidding-Tricked-You-Didn’t-I Christmas lights.

Last week, while walking the dog at night, I saw our house in the distance. And our illuminated bushes. JD read my thoughts, asked me to look down the entire street, and see if there was a house more decorated than ours. Ever the optimist he turned to me and said, You see?! Our bushes are the best decorated bushes on the block!

Cue the Hallmark music and let’s get into another installment of Kisses and Disses

This week’s DISSES go to…
*The Tourist. Wow, that movie was painful. When a high speed chase is done in a boat moving 12 miles per hour, you know the rest of the film is going to be brutal.
*Almost-Just-Kidding-Tricked-You-Didn’t-I Christmas lights.
*The Line at the Post Office. I actually read a few chapters of a book waiting to send a package. I should’ve brought my own chair.

This week’s KISSES go to…
*Online Christmas Shopping. I can’t believe I waited this long to indulge. It’s renewed my Christmas cheer, because, really, is there anything better than shopping in pajamas and slippers?!
*New Passport Photos. I needed to renew my passport and I was terribly excited. My last photo looked like a mug shot. Not simply because it was upclose and unflattering, but I looked like a hard core Mexican gangster. I am beyond serious.
*Having the Most Decorated Bushes on the Block. (and a cute husband who rigs extension cords!)

Happy Thursday!