Kisses+Disses : Wedding Cake + CPS


Let’s get one thing clear: I don’t ignore him. It’s more like I don’t hear him. Sometimes. JD diagnosed me with a selective hearing disorder and it drives him crazy. Please cut the tomatoes…I cut the onions. Don’t forget to pack the toothbrush…I leave the toothbrush on the bathroom sink. They’re running ten minutes late…why aren’t they here yet?!

My disorder was magnified as we made our way to Santa Barbara for a wedding on Saturday. Check out the orange groves…I wonder what type of fruit is grown over there. I’m going to stop and get us something to eat…we should get something to eat because I’m starving. JD finally assessed I hear about 60% of what he says and it worries him because by the time we’re 60, that figure will closer to 10%.

I reminded him I love bribes, so if I could work that figure up to 75%, I’d be more than happy to accept a new pair of shoes for my efforts. JD responded to my idea, but I can’t remember what he said.

This leads me to another installment of Kisses and Disses

This week’s DISSES go to:
*Having Selective Hearing Disorder. Duh.
*Craving wedding cake…the smell of butter cream gets me every time.
*My singing voice. It brings JD to tears, and not in the good way.

This week’s KISSES go to:
*Dallas Mavericks. Y’all know I’m a Lakers girl…I cheer for them and whoever is playing against Miami Heat.
*Canon Professional Services. In addition to camera/gear insurance, I also have CPS, which is awesome because while my lens got repaired, I was given a free loaner and a discount on its services.
*My polaroid camera. For capturing life’s smallest moment that later prove to be the greatest.

Happy Monday!