Lipgloss, My Debut, and WPPI


Last Monday I had the pleasure of speaking as part of the WPPI Road Trip in Long Beach. Though I genuinely love being able to connect with photographers and make new friends, the days leading up to each speaking event are brutal. I’m nervous, cranky, and downright scared. And–without fail–as we enter the venue, I turn to JD and ask, WHY DID I AGREE TO DO THIS?!?!

I’m what you’d call an outgoing introvert. I’m actually a shy and reserved person, but the past few years have challenged my natural characteristics, producing a girl who can come out of her shell when she needs to. Why, yes. Yes, I’m referring to myself in third person. Are you as annoyed as me?

I was extra nervous because I invited my parents to hear me speak. It was the first time in almost four years they’ve seen me on stage and I was incredibly honored. The following morning, I received an email from my mother encouraging me to slow my speech, to please request better stage lighting (I think she misunderstood and thought I was making my BROADWAY DEBUT), and to wear a darker shade of lipgloss. Overall, she wrote, I give you an “A” J*

That’s my mom. Even after all these years, she STILL thinks she’s homeschooling me…and totally inflating my grades!

Yes, this picture was taken with an iphone…I forgot my camera at home, but I never wanted to forget what it felt like to show my parents just how much I love what I’m blessed to call my career.

I’ll be speaking in:
Atlanta on Monday, September 26, 2011 as part of WPPI U.
New York City on Wednesday, October 26, 2011 as part of new and improved PhotoPlus Expo/WPPI East.

I’d love to meet you there, so please say hi. Oh, and wear a darker shade of lipgloss or else you may receive an email from my mother.