Merry Christmas


I know I’m almost a little too late, but MERRY CHRISTMAS!

I love this time of year because I’m blessed with amazing family and friends, all of whom I spend excessive amounts of time with laughing, eating, and enjoying life. They are the core of who I am and help me seeing life’s truest beauty.

I’ve pretty much spent the last few days consuming far too many calories, exchanging gifts, and simply loving the holidays…you know, all the things that make my heart explode with gratitude. God has blessed me beyond belief this past year and hanging out with my friends and family further ensures I deserve none of it…but, dang, I’m SO thankful.

Merry Christmas and I hope your day was filled with unadulterated love, goodness, and joy!

I just had to add this picture of my little Polo…because, really, I think he looks adorable! 😉