Monday Musings


There are days when I have the most random thoughts. Like today, for instance. I work from home, alone in my office most the day, so my thoughts keep me company. I’ll be the first to say I’m a wee bit peculiar, but I’m okay with that. Totally. Here’s a snapshot into my brain this morning and all it’s randomness…

When I talk to JD, I usually call him Chuck. Don’t ask me why.
I clean the tops of condiments after I use them before I put the cap on. Even at restaurants.
I save my To Do lists. You know, just so I can look back and SEE HOW PRODUCTIVE I’VE BEEN.
I convince myself workout pants are acceptable public attire. But deep down I know they’re not.
I save buttons. You know when you get an extra button when you buy a new jacket or shirt? Well, I’ve been saving them for years. I might even have a button that dates back to 1987. Seriously.
I only iron the front of JD’s shirt if he’s wearing a sweater. No one’s gonna see the sleeves anyway!
When I was a kid, I wanted to grow up and be a news anchor like Connie Chung. Today, I’m happy being me.
I know how to push people’s buttons. Quickly. I hate this about me.
I don’t really weigh what my driver’s license states I weigh. (Someone out there, please have my back on this!)
I talk to Polo like he’s human. We get each other like that.
When faced with confrontation, I’ll wait a few days before I respond for fear I’ll say something I later regret.
The thought of being in a bathing suit makes me ill. Like, Someone-please-pass-the-Pepto ill.
I look like a gangsta in my passport picture. Seriously, I could throw up gang signs in that photo and you wouldn’t be shocked.
JD bought me new boots for Christmas. And I love them.
I never drive in the slow lane on the freeway. Ever.
Some nights I can’t fall asleep because I’m thinking of blog posts. Can you say, l.a.m.e?!
I think that if you eat off someone else’s plate, the calories don’t count.
I have a messy drawer. A drawer that’s totally messy and I keep junk in, but that’s okay…because it’s my messy drawer.
If a person at the gym starts running on the treadmill next to mine, I won’t get off until he does. I’m THAT competitive. Even though he had no clue I was running against him.
Sometimes I buy shoes and then tell JD, Oh, theeeese shoes? Had them for years!
I don’t deserve the amazing people I have in my life. I know this. I embrace it. And, I love it.

Here’s a random photo I took on a walk a few days ago while I walked Polo. The colors make me feel alive and I’m reminded of beauty’s simplicity…