Nancy and James : Tea Ceremony


Last night JD and I headed to Los Angeles for James and Nancy’s Korean Tea Ceremony. I love documenting cultural sacraments that accompany traditional American weddings, so photographing their ceremony was a blast! JD and I have photographed a few Korean tea ceremonies before, but last night was the first time we ate Korean food with their guests…we don’t know what we ate, but it was all really yummy! 🙂

I’m off to shoot a lovely wedding today and then headed to James and Nancy’s fabulous wedding tomorrow…I’m super excited because both brides paid accute attention to details, they couples are FUN, and the planned events are going to be amazing!

Here’s a sneak peek into their beautiful tea ceremony…

At the encouragement/taunting of their friends, they wanted Nancy and James to take a stoic picture, much like their great, great ancestors. They couldn’t hold their faces straight but for one, single frame…the rest of the pictures are of Nancy and James rolling in laughter 🙂