Orange County Engagement : Jami + Joel


He’ll tell people they met on MySpace and breaking her heart was the best thing. In retrospect. Back then, it felt to Jami like a piece of her heart went missing. They met in middle school, Jami noticing the cute boy in the halls who played baseball. Like most 13 year olds, they kept their heads down and pretended not to care. This was acceptable until four years later their paths aligned. Quite literally. In english class.

Their senior year, Jami noticed Joel seated next to her, which–as she totally admitted–was like winning the chair lottery. They worked on assignments together, laughed, and later signed each others’ yearbooks. Then said goodbye. Until their paths aligned. Quite literally. Working together at Abercrombie&Fitch for the summer.

They dated for a bit, but Joel broke things off when he went away to college. He maintains it was the best thing because it allowed them to grow. Up. And into the people they were supposed to become. And who they became was aptly displayed on MySpace, which was how they reconnected. Jami invited Joel to hang out in Huntington Beach and as he walked into Beach Front that fateful night, her smile was more beautiful than he remembered. Those were his words. Exactly.

Their paths will be permanently intersecting next year at Seven Degrees in Laguna Beach and I’m beyond thrilled to photograph their wedding. We hung out in Costa Mesa for their engagement session a couple days ago and just when I thought I couldn’t like them any more than I did, I do.

Jami was nervous before the engagement session, but I had a hard time believing her…

I knew I like Jami instantly…

…and then I fell head-over-heels for her when I discovered she thinks I’m funny.

Jami, I’m just gonna say what everyone is thinking…you’re going to look ah-maze in your wedding dress. F’real. Special thanks to Lettie Mix for Jami’s hair and makeup…

After a quick outfit change, Jami and Joel really warmed up to the camera…

Joel, I think that summer working at A&F taught you some sweet model poses! 😉


For those who’d like to steal Jami’s dress (trust me, I already tried), you can find it here

I’ll end with this photo because her smile? It’s just so full. Of happiness. Love. And contentment.

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