Parador Houston Wedding : Sharon + Ivan


The only sound was the raising and falling of their laughter. Rolling sounds of sheer happiness and, perhaps, a little nerves. Sharon and her bridesmaids were ready early…all dolled up and a little too early to dress, so they plopped on an oversized couch and watched Modern Family. As Sharon nibbled on miniature fruit punch snacks, the room swam around her. Laughter, joy, and peace. Much like her life with Ivan, these emotions prepared her for the day she’d marry her best friend.

Ivan waited for Sharon in the garden of The Parador in Houston, their hometown and the city where they fell in love. Fellow Longhorns, they walked the campus together one night and her nervously gathered the courage to tell her how he felt. He thought he could walk the rest of his life with a girl like Sharon. Years later, she walked to him on their wedding day. Surrounded by their friends and family, they promised to make each other better, to cook together (although Sharon might just be the Official Taste Tester), and remain by each other’s side. Forever.

Sharon and Ivan…I said it before, but I’ll say it again: being there with you, on your wedding day, made me feel like the luckiest photographer. In the world. I felt loved and appreciated and the best part is that you just didn’t make me feel that way…that’s the effect you have on everyone. And I’m honored to have documented the ramifications of your Love Effects. Boom! Just made up a phrase for you…feel free to use it while honeymooning in Hawaii! 😉 Much Love and Appreciation… j*

Sharon is a stylish girl…so stylish, in fact, the running joke at the wedding was she radically revolutionized Ivan’s wardrobe within a few months of dating. Based on her decision to wear Christian Louboutin heels on her wedding day, I wish she’d pay a visit to my closet!

Oh…ooooooh…how can a girl go wrong wearing a Monique Lhuillier dress on her wedding day? That’s right…she can’t.

Sharon and Ivan opted to see each other before the wedding ceremony (triple cool points for them!) and it was arranged in the gardens of The Parador…the look on his face alone makes a First Look so special and allows for maximum time for taking wedding photos…

Sharon…thank you for working it out, being fierce, and shaking the Puerto Rican dance moves I taught you! 😉

Official officialness…

Now here’s where Sharon and Ivan melted my heart. I arrived in Houston the day before the wedding and visited The Parador the day before to check out the venue from a wedding photographer’s perspective. It’s absolutely gorgeous and I loved it…but it was definitely a small space to work in. No biggie! That’s something JD and I work with all the time. We got in our car and drove through the neighborhood to see a little more of Texas and then came upon…wait for it…an empty field of wildflowers. Amen.

Sharon walked almost three blocks in her heels for us to capture wedding photographs to reflect a truly unique side to their love…and I couldn’t be more thankful.

Both photos are JD’s…

While we were off taking wedding photos in fields of wildflowers, Kelly of Eventology Weddings worked with her amazing team to ensure the ballroom at The Parador was ready for one beautiful reception. Just look at that cake by Cakes by Gina and florals by Special Arrangements

Sharon and Kelly (and perhaps Ivan, too!) worked hard at making unique details for this wedding and it was absolutely worth every effort!

The First Dance as captured by JD…

Many thanks to Bella Vista Productions for being a great videography team to work with…and providing some epic video light!

…my angle of the First Dance…

To see more of Sharon and Ivan’s Houston wedding at The Parador, feel free to CLICK HERE for a slideshow or simply watch it here: