We had dinner last night with friends and they asked how long we’ve been together. We turned in our seats and looked at each other and I said, Twelve years. And just like that, I remembered our first Valentine’s together. We were teenagers and while I was dog-sitting my best friend’s poodles while her family was away, I invited JD over for a night away from our parents. And before things get outta control and people start thinking all this stuff, it wasn’t like that. I was a good girl and I just wanted to get my box of chocolates, teddy bear, and dozen of fire&ice roses away from my mother’s scowl. Boys are from the devil, Jasmine! That was my mother.

In the 12 Valentine’s that have since passed, we’ve grown up. My mother no longer thinks JD is from the devil, I don’t have to dog-sit to be alone with a boy, and I no longer like fire&ice roses. Thankfully. As a teen I wanted the chocolate and the oversized balloons with bright red letters proclaiming love, but today I’m happy just being together. This morning after church, JD gave me one of my Valentine’s gifts and it was a journal with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on the cover. If you knew my obsession with PB+J, you’d think this gift was epic. He wrote a letter on the inside flap and I cried happy tears. Because, really, all I’ve ever wanted was to be the peanut butter to his jelly.

Happy Valentine’s Day and I hope your day is filled with LOVE.

Many thanks to Amy for the picture above. I don’t know why I love it, but I just do. It’s simplicity reminds me of a really happy time in life…and that’s more than I could ever ask for.