Rainbows On My Feet

Rainbows On My Feet


I’m not really the type of girl who looks into things for deeper meanings. I don’t believe in palm readings or tarot cards, and try to enjoy life one day at a time. With the exception of Chinese fortune cookies, I take things at face value. Because, well, fortune cookies are AMAZING at predicting the future. No, really, they are…I’m expected to have a long life, receive a small fortune from an unnamed source, and cross paths will a long-lost friend in the next month or so. Like I said, fortune cookies are golden! 😉

Last Sunday after church, JD and I headed to San Diego with our good friends, David Jay and Crystal to meet up with a great group of photographers. We arrived early for dinner and though JD warned me about my four-inch heels that morning, I ignored his arched eyebrows and wore them anyway. As we walked along the cement sidewalks darting tourists, my feet were screaming. I hate when JD is right.

Just when I couldn’t take it anymore, we saw a Longs Drug Store and I darted in for some much needed relief. Squashed somewhere between the roasted peanuts and the seltzer water, I found an array of flip-flop sandals. Just when I thought my day couldn’t get any better, I found these babies on sale for $1.99…

I know I mentioned not being into signs and wonders, but—really—if finding these fabulous shoes at a drug store isn’t indicative of good things in my future, I don’t know what is! I owned a pair just like these when I was about five-years-old and there’s nothing like wearing rainbows on your feet…it’s like a good day just waiting to happen! And in case anyone is wondering, I’m tempted to wear them to my wedding this weekend! 😉

In other non-banal news, I was interviewed by Natalie Norton of Digital Photography School in regard to creating a photoblog. She interviewed a group of photographers and assembled an AWESOME article with helpful advice. If you’re interested, be sure to CLICK HERE to check it out! 🙂

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  1. Wayne Toshikazu -

    Reminds me of the days of my very young childhood when short shorts and Ocean Pacific (OP) polos were all the rage. 🙂 And twinkies. Lots of twinkies.

      4.24.08 - 1:10 am

  2. cassandra m -

    maybe these will lead you to a pot of gold…ha.ha. very cool jaz. i had a pair when i was like 10…but now i love my croc flipflops and wear them all the time…even when its cold out. living in key west converted me to thinking that flip flops are fashionable with every outfit…ha.ha.

      4.24.08 - 1:21 am

  3. Barbara M -

    I live in flip flops! Love them.

      4.24.08 - 1:23 am

  4. tish -

    It’s crazy how you can photograph $1.99 flip flops and make them look fabulous! Glad you had fun in SD…I used to live there and miss it much.

      4.24.08 - 2:02 am

  5. Jane Lok -

    It takes a real woman to sport flip flops with her fancy outfit!

      4.24.08 - 2:29 am

  6. Cindy -

    OH MY GOSH!! I had a pair of those also!!! Boy did this jog my memory…how funny. I totally would have done the same…actually, now that I think about it, I have done the same thing a couple of times. You look ridiculous, but its ooohhh so sweet on your feet when you get that relief.

      4.24.08 - 2:29 am

  7. Tiffany -

    you should totally wear them to the wedding! you’d be so money;)

      4.24.08 - 2:37 am

  8. Ardis W. -

    Oh my gosh, those bring back soooo many memories..why can’t they have a Long’s Drug here in UT??? I loved the way you photographed them too..I’m thinking you and Natalie Norton will be my new "addictions"..I love looking at beautiful pics…especially the kind that jump out at you and brings you right into the moments..like these Rainbows!! Love it!

      4.24.08 - 2:42 am

  9. rikka -

    I can’t think of a single wedding I’ve shot where I didn’t end up in flip flops. I mean, after a while the entire wedding party is barefoot anyhow and if you can’t beat em, JOIN EM!

      4.24.08 - 2:55 am

  10. Ricci -

    loves ’em!

    hi again! 😉

      4.24.08 - 2:58 am

  11. Ashley -

    When I read the title I thought you meant rainbow brand sandals! Looks like these are equally comfortable and I say you wear them to the wedding!

      4.24.08 - 3:04 am

  12. Caitlin Domanico Photography -

    I had these too:)

      4.24.08 - 3:12 am

  13. Araxi -

    Tomorrow every Long’s Drug Store is going to wonder why on earth they suddenly sold out of their rainbow flip flops lol. You have taken many of us for a stroll down memory lane. I didnt do the rainbow flip flops though I opted for the ever fabulous huaraches. lol

      4.24.08 - 3:23 am

  14. karen Ard -

    I remember wearing these with my dolphin short-shorts and light blue satin jacket! I was soooooo coooollllll!!!!!!!!

      4.24.08 - 3:43 am

  15. Gena McMillan -

    Those are awesome. I think I had a pair similar to those also when I was younger. I don’t see how you can walk in 4 inch heels. I can barely handle 3/4 of inch!

      4.24.08 - 3:51 am

  16. heather -

    If only they could find a way to make those slippers not turn your feet all black! I heart rainbow flip flops!

      4.24.08 - 3:56 am

  17. Amy Martin -

    I had those too! I think it’s a generational thing 🙂

      4.24.08 - 3:59 am

  18. Jenny G -

    beautiful… just beautiful work.
    I love the wedding gown, who is the designer?
    Rattlesnakes?? I would have peed my pants.

      4.24.08 - 4:09 am

  19. Alicia -

    You’d be a total hit if you wore them to my wedding. My family loves them some flip-flops!

      4.24.08 - 4:34 am

  20. carrie@urbanbaby -

    yah baby…rainbow flip-flops and OP shorts. those were the days. oh, you could TOTALLY work that look!! xo

      4.24.08 - 5:28 am

  21. Kelly -

    Hey Jasmine! Awesome slippers!!!! I had several pairs when I was growing up…gotta LOVE Longs!

      4.24.08 - 6:56 am

  22. shelia -

    NO WAY!!! I havent seen these babies in a looooooong time!! Love it!

      4.24.08 - 11:54 am

  23. j.ro -

    i love this post. i have a big smile on my face!

      4.24.08 - 11:59 am

  24. Natarsha -

    I love those flip flops…I remember having a pair when I was younger.

      4.24.08 - 12:38 pm

  25. Melissa Powell -

    Don’t you hate it when boys are right about our shoes?? But they are just so darned cute, I don’t care if my feet hurt (as long as you can buy cute flip flops like those! yay! more shoes!!)

      4.24.08 - 2:38 pm

  26. lori davis -

    Wow, what an awesome shot! Field of depth on a pair of sandals, who woulda thunk? Oh, and Natalie Norton’s article rocks too!

      4.24.08 - 3:33 pm

  27. Sundee -

    OMG! I also had a pair just like those growing up! That photo brought back tons of memories.What a great find.

      4.24.08 - 3:52 pm

  28. inga -

    Those shoes are cute, and they look so comfy!

      4.24.08 - 3:57 pm

  29. New York City Wedding Photographer -

    I love fortune cookies too! I used to save them. Then again….I used to eat a lot more Chinese food. Truthfully, since coming back from China, things done changed. The US Chinese just does;t do it for me 🙁

    Loving the shoes. I love it that you can admit that JD was right. Us guys try to help you ladies out more than you may think. I promise its not a big conspiracy to control your lives. After all, I am sure JD has a whole lot of food on his plate as it is.

    All the best!
    Parris Whittingham

      4.24.08 - 4:05 pm

  30. Erika -

    What I want to know is, are there any cute heels that ARE comfortable!? I’m tempted to wear birkenstocks at my weddings! 🙂

      4.24.08 - 4:26 pm

  31. SarahTolson -

    Those are just stinkin’ rad!!

      4.24.08 - 4:58 pm

  32. Jen Weaver Photography -

    Jasmine, I had a pair just like that. What a way to bring back wonderful memories for me! 🙂

      4.24.08 - 5:33 pm

  33. Photography By Shay -

    I have flipflops JUST like that when I was a kid. Ahhh, summer. gotta love the flops!

      4.24.08 - 6:01 pm

  34. Leslie -

    Beautiful Work! Your wedding photos make me want to run outside with my camera and put my kids in antique dresses!
    Thanks for the inspiration!

      4.24.08 - 6:48 pm

  35. Simply Modern Weddings -

    Shutup! I had shoes like that as a little girl! 🙂

      4.24.08 - 8:14 pm

  36. Stacy Cross -

    Sooo rad!

      4.24.08 - 8:22 pm

  37. Dawn -

    I had a pair of those as a kid too! I recognized them as soon as I saw the photo!
    Ahh, the memories.

      4.24.08 - 10:17 pm

  38. jackie l -

    oh man DPS is where I first began learning about my camera settings! oh, and those shoes are stellar!

      4.24.08 - 10:37 pm

  39. ryan -

    were you using any light on the first photo, they are all amazing!!

      4.24.08 - 10:39 pm

  40. christina LeMarr -


      4.24.08 - 10:59 pm

  41. RodneyA -

    I used to have those as a kid! I think I’m gonna stop and pick up a pair for myself… I’m bringing these bad boys back in style, if they ever were!?

      4.24.08 - 11:50 pm

  42. joan solitario -

    that’s is so cool! i would’ve never thought of it that way… rainbows on your feet… i love how you see the positive aspects of life! 😀 I hope you’re doing well Jasmine!

      4.26.08 - 1:09 am

  43. david & kimi b~ ohana photography -

    omg!!! i remember my mom used to wear those EVERYDAY!! wow, those bring back memories.

      4.26.08 - 4:44 pm

  44. kelly -

    OMG…I can SO remember wearing these when I was a kid…and how they always got a little more worn down on certain areas (i.e. rainbow had less layers)…So funny…:0 )

      4.28.08 - 6:43 am

  45. Mel Watson -

    OMG my mom so had flip flops like those when I was little… annnd as icing on the rainbow cake… she had the matching key chain! Ahh… I loved that mini flip flop that dangled from her key ring. It was tiny and cute like all good things are.

      4.28.08 - 9:10 am

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