Rainbows On My Feet


I’m not really the type of girl who looks into things for deeper meanings. I don’t believe in palm readings or tarot cards, and try to enjoy life one day at a time. With the exception of Chinese fortune cookies, I take things at face value. Because, well, fortune cookies are AMAZING at predicting the future. No, really, they are…I’m expected to have a long life, receive a small fortune from an unnamed source, and cross paths will a long-lost friend in the next month or so. Like I said, fortune cookies are golden! 😉

Last Sunday after church, JD and I headed to San Diego with our good friends, David Jay and Crystal to meet up with a great group of photographers. We arrived early for dinner and though JD warned me about my four-inch heels that morning, I ignored his arched eyebrows and wore them anyway. As we walked along the cement sidewalks darting tourists, my feet were screaming. I hate when JD is right.

Just when I couldn’t take it anymore, we saw a Longs Drug Store and I darted in for some much needed relief. Squashed somewhere between the roasted peanuts and the seltzer water, I found an array of flip-flop sandals. Just when I thought my day couldn’t get any better, I found these babies on sale for $1.99…

I know I mentioned not being into signs and wonders, but—really—if finding these fabulous shoes at a drug store isn’t indicative of good things in my future, I don’t know what is! I owned a pair just like these when I was about five-years-old and there’s nothing like wearing rainbows on your feet…it’s like a good day just waiting to happen! And in case anyone is wondering, I’m tempted to wear them to my wedding this weekend! 😉

In other non-banal news, I was interviewed by Natalie Norton of Digital Photography School in regard to creating a photoblog. She interviewed a group of photographers and assembled an AWESOME article with helpful advice. If you’re interested, be sure to CLICK HERE to check it out! 🙂