Random Acts of Kindness


I’ve always loved random acts of kindness. I mean, really, who doesn’t?

Without divulging too much personal information, my best friend Brianna made the difficult decision to move from West Los Angeles to Tucson, Arizona to train for the Olympics. She attended U of Arizona during undergrad, but decided to return and train with her coach. In our heart of hearts, we know this was the best decision, but none of us wanted to say goodbye.

Starting over in a new city is extremely difficult, but a little surprise was in store for Brianna. A silent blog reader of mine happened to click on one of Bri’s comments and came across her website. Well, one thing led to another and Lyra decided to email Brianna and welcome her to Tucson. Lyra, an aspiring photographer, lives relatively close to Brianna, so she compiled a list of restaurants and things to do to fall in love with her new city. Okay, fall in love may be a stretch (especially considering oversized winter coats and Birkenstocks are standard attire), but the gesture was much appreciated! 😉

Shortly thereafter, Lyra took Brianna under her Tucsonian wing and provided a totally fun and cool social outlet. In fact, they watched the season finale of America’s Next Top Model together…I’m sure it didn’t compare to watching the show with me—complete with my running narratives of You OWN IT, Chantal! or Could someone please BRUSH JENNA’S HAIR?!—but it made me feel so good knowing my best friend wasn’t alone.

While Bri was at her afternoon practice, Lyra and I met up for lunch. We spoke about all things photography, as well as discovered what made her fall in love with it as an artform. Not only was this a great way to meet an aspiring photographer, it was my way of thanking her for treating my best friends as if they were her own. In addition to caring for Brianna, she photographed Jennie’s family for their Christmas card last week…all out of the kindness of her heart. No questions asked, no blinking of an eye. You gotta love someone like that!!

During the holiday season, be sure to take time to perform a random act of kindness. Pay for someone’s dry cleaning…give up your perfect mall parking space…secretly leave groceries on the doorstep of a needy family. I’ve been a recipient of all of these aforementioned actions, and it’s made me a better person. Be reminded the true reason of the season and give until you can give no more! 🙂