Running Out + Hollow

Running Out + Hollow


It must be hard to be who you are. Sometimes I feel like everyday you give away a piece of yourself to ensure someone else is happy. I wonder if you’ll ever run out, ever become a hollow version of the person you once were before. And yet. After decades of taking care of others, you continue to move forward and pick up people around you. The lost, the hurting, the overlooked. You’ve shown me there’s no other way to walk through life, and I thank you. For never running out or becoming hollow.

Dad, in spite of your pain, you show dignity, grace, and perseverance. I am watching you…and I love you for it. Happy Father’s Day.

A few days ago, my dad invited us to share in his new-found passion for Korean food. I can’t tell how how awesome it was to have a non-english speaking waitress converse with my spanglish-speaking father. Somehow, we ordered and made it through the kimchee. Together.

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  1. Anton Lenke -

    Pastor dad is rocking some sweet kicks! I see where you get your smile from 🙂
    Happy Fathers’ Day to him

      6.19.11 - 6:14 pm

  2. C. Crowder -

    sniff, sniff. That was beautiful. What a blessing to have such a father.

      6.19.11 - 6:16 pm

  3. Edison -

    This is lovely. God bless both of you, very much. – Deuteronomy 5:16

      6.19.11 - 6:24 pm

  4. Marnie -

    Well said.

      6.19.11 - 6:35 pm

  5. Gina -

    Beautiful post. Happy Father’s day to your dad.

    p.s Hot Shoes!

      6.19.11 - 6:38 pm

  6. Adita -

    How sweet, I left Cuba at age 5 and my father stayed behind, so I do not really know the feelings a Fathers Day yields. You and dad make it seem very loving and joyful! A happy day to you both!

      6.19.11 - 6:39 pm

  7. Jennifer Jar -

    Ah! Love these photos of you and your dad. And I love that he loves Korean food because so do I! 🙂

      6.19.11 - 6:42 pm

  8. sarah -

    i’m in love with the photo on the right. happy fathers’ day!!

      6.19.11 - 6:44 pm

  9. LEOLAK -

    You never disappoint Jasmine! I knew you would post something today…which is why I kept checking..that would be touching, sweet and reflective. Happy Father’s Day to your pop! Even though I wasn’t able to have such a relationship with my own, there a quiet a few men (friends, friends’ husbands, and their parents) who I greatly admire and have had a positive impact on my life. Thanks for sharing. Shallow note..those shoes??!! GRRLLLL are you kidding me?! Work it!

      6.19.11 - 6:46 pm

  10. ace -

    When you’re talking food, all stomachs speak the same language.. most of the time

      6.19.11 - 6:50 pm

  11. Rachel Tatem -

    Yay to Fathers! I’m glad you got to spend some time with your father on father’s day!

      6.19.11 - 7:00 pm

  12. jenn {bow tie & bustle} -

    this post brought tears to my eyes! it’s so awesome the way you speak of your love for your dad! adorable pictures too!

      6.19.11 - 7:02 pm

  13. SarahV -

    Gorgeous pics, Jasmine. What a good looking dad you’ve got – happy Father’s Day to him and all of the other great Dads! 🙂

      6.19.11 - 7:07 pm

  14. RQPierce -

    I’ve been following you for months and this is my first comment- praise God for amazing dads who help us become the best versions of ourselves. Later today I will post my first blog entry… In honor of my daddy and in part thanks to your cyber "mentoring".

      6.19.11 - 7:17 pm

  15. RQPierce -

    I’ve been following you for months and this is my first comment- praise God for amazing dads who help us become the best versions of ourselves. Later today I will post my first blog entry… In honor of my daddy and in part thanks to your cyber "mentoring".

      6.19.11 - 7:17 pm

  16. cheryl r -

    A beautiful tribute. If I were a dad, I could think of no finer compliment. I just know he must be equally proud of you!

      6.19.11 - 7:17 pm

  17. Deney Tuazon -

    Yey for Dads, Korean BBQ and their bomb side dishes!

      6.19.11 - 8:07 pm

  18. John Naccarato -

    Great post Jas…I wish my father was around to be with him on this day. Thanks for sharing.

      6.19.11 - 8:07 pm

  19. claudia -

    what a nice picture of your you kissing your father… Felicidades a todos los papas! 🙂

      6.19.11 - 8:18 pm

  20. Petey Kim -

    I was wondering why Pancho left a link for your blog…and now I see! I love it! Oh how I miss Soon Tofu (tu-bu) is how we say it. You guys look beautiful together! You are so blessed to have a wonderful dad! I miss him!

      6.19.11 - 9:00 pm

  21. PAPI -

    Thank you, Jabby! You always seem to make my day. Love you. Lots.

      6.19.11 - 9:45 pm

  22. Evonne Wong -

    Awww… what a sweet post and lovely photos of you and your dad. Happy Father’s Day to all the daddy out there!

      6.19.11 - 9:56 pm

  23. Tasha Prescott -

    Cute shoes J*! Beautiful Post as always!

      6.19.11 - 11:24 pm

  24. Jessica K. Sullivan -

    So sweet Jasmine!

      6.20.11 - 12:05 am

  25. Mom -

    I love you Jasmine!!

      6.20.11 - 12:12 am

  26. Ingrid Haring-Mendes -

    Jasmine, your dad is such a cutie!

      6.20.11 - 3:06 am

  27. Stacey - Total City Girl -

    So sweet that you have such a great relationship with your dad!

      6.20.11 - 3:34 am

  28. Chris -

    Absolutely Precious! Jas, you are blessed with a wonderful daddy!

      6.20.11 - 3:56 am

  29. Katelyn James -

    Praise God for our sweet dads that spend their whole life loving others and serving the Lord. I can only hope to be as selfless as they are one day!!!

      6.20.11 - 4:08 am

  30. Lydia -

    Adorable! Happy Father’s Day, Pancho!

      6.20.11 - 5:42 am

  31. Robin Dodd -

    Oh Jasmine,

    I just love this.. so sweet.

      6.20.11 - 6:14 am

  32. andy -

    congrat you tried kimchee, I’m andy korean, and wish you could visit korea sometime soon..

      6.20.11 - 9:00 am

  33. Abby Grace Photography -

    Love this!

      6.20.11 - 1:16 pm

  34. Catherine -

    A beautiful post. There is probably no better father’s day gift that this.

      6.20.11 - 2:35 pm

  35. Jessica Shae -

    Oh Jasmine–your SHOES! Where did you get them?? 🙂

      6.20.11 - 3:17 pm

  36. Heather Corporan -

    I <3 your father/daughter relationship. You’re so sweet Jasmine!

      6.20.11 - 6:16 pm

  37. Susan -

    Love 🙂

      6.20.11 - 6:38 pm

  38. christina {simply modern} -

    this is so sweet!!

      6.20.11 - 8:53 pm

  39. Kate -

    J*, Lovely post!! You must share, where did you get those SHOES!! =)

      6.20.11 - 10:01 pm

  40. xTinaLeu -

    Beautiful post! I always love reading them! Unfortunately I was not able to see my dad on Father’s day and I missed him a lot. I’m glad you were able to spend time with him! BTW, I LOVE.THE.SHOES! Please let us know where you got these or what brand they are!!

      6.21.11 - 7:07 pm

  41. Jessica Sweeney -

    These photos are priceless! You must kiss whoever took them for you. 🙂

      6.21.11 - 11:31 pm

  42. Jim Hutchison -

    Thank you Jasmine for sharing your dad with us. He is a great guy. I enjoyed meeting him here in Oregon. I will keep him and your mom in my thoughts and prayers. God’s blessing to you and your family.
    Jim Hutchison

      6.21.11 - 11:48 pm

  43. Antonia -


      6.22.11 - 8:55 am

  44. candace morris -

    I read this post on Father’s Day and loved it, but call me shallow – I’ve been wracking my brain to try and find that a backless scooped leotard and have been for months. Care to share your source?

      6.22.11 - 4:48 pm

  45. Nicole Breanne -

    I absolutely ADORE this post. Just wanted to let you know that, like many others around the world, you’ve inspired me to be a better person and better photographer. Thanks so much!

      6.22.11 - 8:39 pm

  46. Tammie Kimura -

    Hello Jasmine it’s been a while since I left the comment on your blog. Hope All is well. This place your dad took you is a good place but all of their dishes have such a strong taste (even for Korean gal like me can’t really have too much of it) You have to let me take your family to the best Korean restaurant someday. I’d love to meet your dad in person someday! Any guy that speaks Spanglish, love Korean food and Love God is in my VIP list! hugs, Tammie

      6.23.11 - 4:29 am

  47. NYNJ Photography -

    Beautiful photos and amazing exposure. Great work.

      6.24.11 - 2:48 am

  48. Kathleen Clipper -

    Too sweet and what a fun way to spend Dad’s Day together! Nothing like a daughter and her daddy <3

      6.24.11 - 4:44 pm

  49. Carly Arkfeld -

    I literally teared up a little just now when I read that!

      6.24.11 - 6:11 pm

  50. Stacey -

    wow…tears here too!

      6.26.11 - 1:43 am

  51. Carolyn -

    Kimchee? Oh no. Tell me you didn’t! And I’m half Korean, too. My dear dad’s FAVORITE was kimchee pizza. But I still can’t bring myself to do it!

      7.6.11 - 3:41 am

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