Running Out + Hollow


It must be hard to be who you are. Sometimes I feel like everyday you give away a piece of yourself to ensure someone else is happy. I wonder if you’ll ever run out, ever become a hollow version of the person you once were before. And yet. After decades of taking care of others, you continue to move forward and pick up people around you. The lost, the hurting, the overlooked. You’ve shown me there’s no other way to walk through life, and I thank you. For never running out or becoming hollow.

Dad, in spite of your pain, you show dignity, grace, and perseverance. I am watching you…and I love you for it. Happy Father’s Day.

A few days ago, my dad invited us to share in his new-found passion for Korean food. I can’t tell how how awesome it was to have a non-english speaking waitress converse with my spanglish-speaking father. Somehow, we ordered and made it through the kimchee. Together.