Santa Barbara Engagement : Sarah + Chris

Santa Barbara Engagement : Sarah + Chris


She stood out for so many reasons. At that UC Santa Barbara party, on that one night her junior year, in that one sweater. Many singular elements leading to a collective moment of sheer gravity. Sarah was invited to a Lingerie Party, so she and a friend decided to attend, not having a clear idea of what people might wear. She threw on a pair of jeans, a lace-ish top, and sweater. When she arrived to the party, she was blinded by the amount of skin, cleavage, and silk lingerie. So much for the sweater.

Chris and a group of his friends walked into the party and caused a shirtless stir, as shirtless college boys can only ever do. Sarah turned and saw him, their eyes met, and she turned away. Throughout the course of the evening, despite the scantily clad girls around him, Chris only saw Sarah. They gravitated to each other and by the end of the night, he snagged her phone and programmed his number into it…and he stole her number in the process. This was just the beginning because Sarah was about to also steal his heart.

After their first date at Goleta Beach Cafe, they were smitten. They’ve been together ever since and are now planning a wedding in San Diego at the Coronado Hotel. I’m honored to work with such a special couple and I’m incredibly excited for what’s in store this July! We spent the day in Santa Barbara for their engagement photos and started at the place where it all began…college…

One thing about Sarah and Chris is that they pretty much look good anywhere…on a bench…

…and even in a delivery port!

This bike path is usually filled with students, but with many thanks to Cesar Chavez (and his holiday!) the campus was empty…

I mean, com’on…these shoes? Yes, please!

Not only is Chris very kind, thoughtful, and funny, his demeanor is much like JD’s. I met him for the first time last week and I liked him instantly…

When Chris first met Sarah, she happened to stand next to a fan and he mentioned she looked like a model. Like that, with her hair waving around. Chris, I kinda know what you mean…

Many, many thanks to Tracey Taylor for doing Sarah’s makeup and Sheila Stone for a fantastic job with hair. I’ve worked with Sheila before and I jokingly call her the “Hair Whisperer” because she’s SO good at what she does! 🙂

After hanging out around the UCSB for engagement pictures, we headed to Goleta Beach (where they had their first date) to end the engagement session…

I’ll end with one of my favs from the session! 😉

To see more of Sarah and Chris’ Santa Barbara engagement pictures, CLICK HERE for a slideshow!

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  1. The Bing -

    J-sizzle, you rock as always! Love it!

      3.31.10 - 5:18 pm

  2. Michelle -

    Stunning! The photography and the couple! Where, oh where are those shoes from? I need them I think. <3

      3.31.10 - 5:21 pm

  3. gladys jem -

    umm…this might be my favorite engagement so far. they’re BEAUTIFUL. btw, i have the same exact dress in black and wanted to wear it for our session but she beat me to it 🙂 LOVE this Jasmine!

      3.31.10 - 5:22 pm

  4. Geoff Heith -

    Haha…challenge…find Jasmine in one of these pics…winner get’s a pat on the back…

      3.31.10 - 5:22 pm

  5. Damaris Mia -


      3.31.10 - 5:23 pm

  6. Jennifer Brotchie -


      3.31.10 - 5:23 pm

  7. Adam John -


      3.31.10 - 5:24 pm

  8. Jocelyn -

    LOVE LOVE LOVE. great shoot girl, as always:) just love your colors. so bright and crisp. can’t wait till i can come to one of your workshops one day..or get your cute little but up to Canada!!!!
    have a fab day chicka

      3.31.10 - 5:25 pm

  9. Dawn McCarthy -

    I see you in the door reflection. : ) Sarah…your eyes and those legs…GIRL! Beautiful images…as always.

      3.31.10 - 5:26 pm

  10. Carrie McCluskey -

    What a fabulous photo session and gorgeous couple!

      3.31.10 - 5:26 pm

  11. Christina Sloan -

    love the images. That campus is amazing! C

      3.31.10 - 5:27 pm

  12. Joan Solitario -

    I enjoyed their story a lot! The last picture is super cute! Beautiful work as always!!

      3.31.10 - 5:27 pm

  13. Larry Reeves -

    beautiful imagery, jasmine. i love those locations and that lighting was perfect!

      3.31.10 - 5:28 pm

  14. Tracy Moore -

    Love it! So great how they did the shoot at meaningful locations. They will totally cherish these.

      3.31.10 - 5:28 pm

  15. Rachel Clare -

    Ah! That last one is fantastic. It would go on my wall for sure!

      3.31.10 - 5:31 pm

  16. Paola -

    Love her killer shoes! Those were hotttt zzzzzz (that was a sizzle…), just like them! What a beautiful couple!

      3.31.10 - 5:31 pm

  17. shannon h. -

    gorgeous! the photos, the couple! fab! love the bike shot!

      3.31.10 - 5:31 pm

  18. elissa -

    a sweater with flip-flops. That is so UCSB! Great shoot and made me miss my UCSB days. Go Gauchos!

      3.31.10 - 5:32 pm

  19. Jessica Willis -

    honestly, these pictures are gorgeous. they are the most exotic, gorgeous, uniquely beautiful people ever. i’m sure the photographer helped. 🙂 haha! another gorgeous engagement!

      3.31.10 - 5:34 pm

  20. Melissa -

    Just G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S!!!

      3.31.10 - 5:40 pm

  21. Marissa Rodriguez -

    Beautiful couple and amazing photos! Quick question, kinda’ random too, does JD go with you to your engagement/anytime sessions also? Or do you shoot these on your own? Just wondering thanks! 🙂

      3.31.10 - 5:41 pm

  22. Jessica Frey -

    Golita Beach! I just did an engagement session there for my CSUB couple who had their first date on the beach as well. I loved the evening light and simple pier 🙂 Have you been to Knaps Castle? It’s another amazing location in SB….

      3.31.10 - 5:43 pm

  23. B -

    Go Jazzy, it’s your birfday, go partay like it’s your birfday! Great shoot 🙂

      3.31.10 - 5:44 pm

  24. Howard Haby -

    Great job, Jasmine!

      3.31.10 - 5:46 pm

  25. Melissa Papaj Photography -

    Awesome e-session Jasmine. I just posted a rockin’ engagement session too on our salty beaches here in Utah at the Great Salt Lake. I just wosh we would have had a beautiful pier. Great work as always!

      3.31.10 - 5:47 pm

  26. Tracy Anne -

    I spy… Jasmine! And some ahh-mazing shoes…

      3.31.10 - 5:48 pm

  27. Ayumi -

    My husband and I are a UCSB couple! I haven’t seen a session on the campus so was super excited to see this!!! Also, happy early bday! Mine is on Friday…yay early April babies!

      3.31.10 - 5:51 pm

  28. Jeff -

    Jasmine – I love your style and your photographs. One of my mentors recently attended a conference with you in Richmond and heard you speak – she had great things to say -I’m so very jealous – you are one of the photogs I always say I have a photo-crush on – your eye is fantastic. Really love the 2nd to last image – great use of selective focus and monochrome -whole set is great – I know they’re going to love it.

      3.31.10 - 6:03 pm

  29. Diandra -

    I LOVE this session! And I LOVE her first pair of shoes! Do you know where she got them? Awesome!

      3.31.10 - 6:14 pm

  30. Stephanie Stewart -

    LOVE this session! Golden light, lovely couple, so fun! And love how you told their story!

      3.31.10 - 6:21 pm

  31. Filip Wiberg -

    Awesome photos! Love your work!

      3.31.10 - 6:36 pm

  32. Abby Leigh -

    It must have been fun to take pics in Santa Barbara!!
    (She is gorgious)

      3.31.10 - 6:37 pm

  33. Holls -

    Stunning as always!
    Drop dead gorgeous couple too!
    You are the bomb diggity! 😀

      3.31.10 - 6:39 pm

  34. fffabulous -

    Beautiful!! And I love her shoes!! Any chance you can find out where she got them? 🙂

      3.31.10 - 6:44 pm

  35. Girish -

    Another set of beautiful photographs. Nice location. I must say very soft lighting in various shots.

    She has got wonderful eyes.

      3.31.10 - 6:44 pm

  36. ohana photographers -


      3.31.10 - 6:50 pm

  37. Lisa -

    Isn’t is hard being this fabulous Jasmine?! You’re amazing. Every photo looks like it should be in a magazine. The lighting is so perfect in every shot. LOVE that one on the delivery port!

      3.31.10 - 6:52 pm

  38. Arielle -

    OMGOD, the shoes. Amazing shots as usual, Jasmine.

      3.31.10 - 7:14 pm

  39. Shannon -

    Cute couple! Great shots!

      3.31.10 - 7:36 pm

  40. Libertad Leal -

    You are SO good Jasmine! These are amazing!

      3.31.10 - 7:54 pm

  41. Lori Calhoun -

    Hello LEGS! Love it!

      3.31.10 - 8:05 pm

  42. Jen Madigan Photography -

    That polka dot dress is so adorable – and those shoes = gorgeous!! Great photos as always.

      3.31.10 - 8:38 pm

  43. Karen -

    You always attract the most gorgeous clients! The girl’s shoes are fab.

      3.31.10 - 8:55 pm

  44. jenny -

    Gorgeous ! The colors on facebook doesn’t show nearly as well as on your blog ! You’re always able to make your subjects feel comfortable 🙂

      3.31.10 - 9:03 pm

  45. Tonhya Kae -

    These are beautiful 🙂 Jasmine, you never seem to disappoint. Love visiting your blog.

      3.31.10 - 9:07 pm

  46. Otto Rascon -

    What a great looking couple. It looks like you all had a great time. Thanks for the inspiration J*. Rock on girl!

      3.31.10 - 9:16 pm

  47. Syreena B -

    I adore that dress 🙂

      3.31.10 - 9:17 pm

  48. Kayleen T. -

    ahh I love her shoes and I WANT that aqua bike! Love the pix J*!

      3.31.10 - 9:23 pm

  49. brianna -

    I now know what I want for my birthday. those shoes. thank you.

      3.31.10 - 10:50 pm

  50. nena -

    Again and Again I see the most happy, amazing, and gorgeous people here. Your work is contagious and your pictures capture life! =-)

      3.31.10 - 10:53 pm

  51. Leyla -

    What a gorgeous couple… And Sarah is a total model… Those long legs… wowza! =) Amazing photos.. I especially love the ones on the pier… beautiful lighting… magical moments… Thanks for sharing!

      3.31.10 - 11:56 pm

  52. Holli True -

    I am in love with her shoes- and the last pic! 🙂 So adorable!!

      3.31.10 - 11:56 pm

  53. Laura Lawson -

    Love their story, love your photos even more.

      4.1.10 - 12:20 am

  54. ala -

    where do i sign up for those SHOES and that teeny little waist? fabulous miss *!

      4.1.10 - 12:23 am

  55. jessi -

    not only do i love this photos as usual, but i love that polka dot dress!

      4.1.10 - 12:36 am

  56. Gina -

    those shoes were beautiful enough, but throw in the couple…pure perfection!

      4.1.10 - 1:19 am

  57. Amritpal Grewal -

    Awesome images Jasmine!!!!
    There should be a contest to find Jasmine in Photo # 1. I think i can see you in the reflections. 🙂

      4.1.10 - 1:35 am

  58. Evie Perez -

    Her shoes are so HOT!! Great job and I love the first picture with your reflection in the door.

      4.1.10 - 1:48 am

  59. s h e r r y -

    Campus looks amazing! And Sarah’s shoes are BOMB!

      4.1.10 - 1:55 am

  60. Katie Moos -

    Love the shot on the pier! Great work!
    Katie Moos
    Katie Moos Photography

      4.1.10 - 2:43 am

  61. Marie -

    FYI for everyone interested: Those fabulous shoes are by Valentino.

      4.1.10 - 2:58 am

  62. Amanda -

    Love the pictures and LOVE the shoes.

      4.1.10 - 3:15 am

  63. Colorado Wedding Photographer, JasonG -

    Sweet images J*! Love the light and vibrancy of the images and the couple!

      4.1.10 - 3:44 am

  64. kelsy mccartney -

    what a gorgeous couple! sarah’s shoes are to die for – valentino, naturally 🙂 i love their story too!

      4.1.10 - 4:08 am

  65. Brian Fletcher -

    Very nice….she’s gorgeous!

      4.1.10 - 4:46 am

  66. Carolyn Evans -

    Love the reflection of you hunched over in the screen door. So very "Where’s Waldo?"esque! Lovely photos, as always!

      4.1.10 - 5:03 am

  67. Lisa H. Chang -

    LOVE the last picture!!!

      4.1.10 - 5:04 am

  68. Lydia -

    Love her shoes! If he’s anything like JD, Chris must be awesome! And Sarah is awesome for hanging on to him!

      4.1.10 - 5:26 am

  69. l2njpx -

    BEAUTIFUL! Do you think one day everybody finds a gets true love?

      4.1.10 - 5:48 am

  70. Cindy -

    crazy cute…. and HOT shoes!

      4.1.10 - 1:02 pm

  71. Katie Whitcomb -

    I LOVE it when people kiss towards the camera.. LOVE IT!

      4.1.10 - 1:06 pm

  72. Matthew Saville -

    Delivery port? Weird. I thought they were called loading docks. Is that what they’re called in Europe? 😛 …Of course I’m only busting your chops cause I’m jealous of your images! =Matt=

      4.1.10 - 3:05 pm

  73. plain_jo -

    I love how you post the story as well as the photos! You take amazing photographs!

      4.1.10 - 4:33 pm

  74. Ivona -

    She is stunningly gorgeous! Congrats to the couple!

      4.1.10 - 6:13 pm

  75. Oleksandr Photography -

    Nice! I love your reflection in that shot!

      4.1.10 - 6:43 pm

  76. Oakstream Photography -

    LOL. I love that last shot! SOO fun. She is BEEEEUTIFUL!

      4.1.10 - 7:53 pm

  77. feuza -

    What a great story on this couple! I love it! rad pictures as usual! like seeing in the glass of the door on first one

      4.1.10 - 8:28 pm

  78. feuza -

    forgot to say I SO LOVE the shoes!

      4.1.10 - 8:29 pm

  79. christina -

    what a super cute story!! ps. i am soooo diggin her shoes!

      4.1.10 - 9:54 pm

  80. Michael Chansley Photography -

    Great session! I LOVE Santa Barbara! I went to school at Brooks there and haven’t been back in a long time.

      4.1.10 - 11:18 pm

  81. Brittani -

    Adorable couple! Great session! Her red shoes are my favorite!! =)

      4.2.10 - 3:12 am

  82. Alejandra Arroyo -

    Awesome pictures like always!!! OMG! Love her shoes! Do you have any idea where those are from?!?

      4.2.10 - 3:42 am

  83. Pye -

    Love how natural every shot is Jasmine, either you get just the most natural and comfortable couples out there, or there is just something about you that puts people at ease. I would venture to guess though it is definitely the latter.

      4.2.10 - 9:18 am

  84. Juli L. -

    Love these and the video is wonderful! Great looking couple and such a nice story of how they met!

      4.2.10 - 4:05 pm

  85. Jen Shannon -

    I love the photos Jasmine but you I can see you in the reflection of the door on the first picture 🙂

      4.2.10 - 4:20 pm

  86. Nicole Benitez -

    Love these! The couple is gorgeous, the shots fabulous! You rock!!

      4.2.10 - 4:21 pm

  87. Erica Velasco -


      4.2.10 - 5:33 pm

  88. Holly -

    Sarah looks like you in that last picture, Jasmine!!

      4.2.10 - 7:43 pm

  89. michelle sidles -

    So many thoughts.. The shoes. DANG IT! And I spend last week at a couple so cal beaches. So tell me, are these beaches really empty? Or are you using ninja trickery to make it look that way? Seriously, it was wall to wall people there. Where’d they go? 😉 Fabulous images!

      4.2.10 - 9:45 pm

  90. Sarah Lee -

    LOVE the last one!! Great images Jasmine!

      4.3.10 - 2:12 pm

  91. Amy Mai Watts -

    Love this shoo Jasmine!! What’s the song on the slideshow?
    A =)

      4.3.10 - 3:30 pm

  92. Michelle Guzman -

    I love the bicycles! What a great engagement shoot.

      4.3.10 - 3:39 pm

  93. Jennifer Rodriguez-Cruz -

    Wonderful! I love the bicycles!! 😀

      4.3.10 - 10:55 pm

  94. hannah -

    What an incredible shoot! love and adore your work…and way you can capture the joy and love in others!

      4.3.10 - 11:27 pm

  95. Alissa Ferullo -

    Gorgeous! What a beautiful couple, and I just love all your creative captures!!

      4.4.10 - 3:12 am

  96. April -

    Wow, this couple looks so adorable. I learn so much about photography every time I look at your images! I love the simplicity and natural beauty in every artistic image you capture!

      4.5.10 - 7:26 pm

  97. Neil Mackenzie -

    love your images, can’t wait to see the wedding photographs

      10.31.10 - 9:04 am

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