Scales of Just Us


Let’s keep this between us, okay? I have to blog this. Today. Right now. Because if I don’t, I will not stick with it. I AM STARTING A NEW DIET TODAY. Period. The end. I just got home from a delicious meal of fondue…melted cheese, a fresh salad, veggies, and—yes—chocolate. I was surrounded by bad influences tonight, but tomorrow is a fresh day. A fresh day filled with leafy green vegetables.

I think I’ll do sort of a cleansing. No sugar (sorta), no bread (of the processed kind), and no Ben&Jerry(on weekdays). Okay, it’s like a cleansing-ish. But I got to start somewhere. And that somewhere is here, Internet. Here, on the white carpet and air-conditioned hum of my living room. I hope.

Here’s to week of healthy living and wishful thinking of all things filled with high-frucose corn syrup, sugar, and fat.