Scales of Just Us

Scales of Just Us


Let’s keep this between us, okay? I have to blog this. Today. Right now. Because if I don’t, I will not stick with it. I AM STARTING A NEW DIET TODAY. Period. The end. I just got home from a delicious meal of fondue…melted cheese, a fresh salad, veggies, and—yes—chocolate. I was surrounded by bad influences tonight, but tomorrow is a fresh day. A fresh day filled with leafy green vegetables.

I think I’ll do sort of a cleansing. No sugar (sorta), no bread (of the processed kind), and no Ben&Jerry(on weekdays). Okay, it’s like a cleansing-ish. But I got to start somewhere. And that somewhere is here, Internet. Here, on the white carpet and air-conditioned hum of my living room. I hope.

Here’s to week of healthy living and wishful thinking of all things filled with high-frucose corn syrup, sugar, and fat.

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  1. Fabuluxe Photos -

    I gotta start a diet too but I just love bread, cookies, ice cream so much….. anyway, good luck!!!

      7.22.08 - 6:02 am

  2. WeezerMonkey -

    You have no weight to lose! But, if you must, I did a "no white" diet last year — no white bread, no white rice, no white pasta. I lost 23 pounds in six months last year just by doing this.

      7.22.08 - 6:02 am

  3. Jamie Delaine -

    I just can’t believe all this silly talk of you needing to lose weight each year! Seriously. That being said, I understand the "fat" feeling; even if it is irrational. A week of good eating will have you feeling better and healthier, for sure! My philospohy is I’d rather treat myself and live five pounds heavier than deprive myself and be perfect. 🙂

      7.22.08 - 6:06 am

  4. Lauren -

    Just get pregnant (like me), then you can eat whatever you like! Where I come from its Maccas Tuesday today! Yum. Seriously tho, shooting a wedding is like an aerobic work out – Im always excuasted and achy when I get home! Good luck with the diet Jasmine*

      7.22.08 - 6:30 am

  5. Tanya Jose -

    you are so brave…every time I say I’m going to diet, it never works out. but lucky me, I too am pregnant now! however, i totally don’t want to go off the deep end & eat everything in sight. good luck to you!!

      7.22.08 - 6:54 am

  6. Joan Solitario -

    hahahahah I’m there with you Jasmine :-D!

      7.22.08 - 7:17 am

  7. Bobbie -

    Best of luck to ya! I am sure I will be doing the diet thing here in a few monthes b/c I too am preggy!

      7.22.08 - 10:30 am

  8. Jessica -

    First of all, you’re gorgeous and don’t need to diet. 2nd, I wish I could stick to something, even when I blog it- my ‘wedding diet’ started like 3 weeks ago and yet what did I have for dinner last night? A large popcorn at the movies while seeing The Dark Knight. le sigh…

      7.22.08 - 10:37 am

  9. chelo -

    Are you sure? You look fine to me…but healthy eating is good! dieting is not… 🙂

      7.22.08 - 11:08 am

  10. Rachel B.D. -

    Diet shmiet. Don’t diet, eat healthy. And of course stay active everyday. Yes, stay away from the evilness of fast food, (darn chalupas!!) but remember, EVERYTHING in moderation. And I’m surprised that so many women are saying to get preggers, lol, my sis couldn’t hold ANYTHING down (she even came to hate/despise/loath chocolate!!!!) so getting preggers for her actually helped her loose more weight. Anyways, you’re beautiful chick – as you are. Diet? Nah. BE HEALTHY. =)

      7.22.08 - 11:18 am

  11. Katherine Bowman -

    Don’t feel guilty about what you ate, unless you eat these kind of foods on a regular basis. You probably have a pretty good metabolism since you stick to your workouts!!!

      7.22.08 - 12:01 pm

  12. Courtney -

    OMG I had similar thoughts just last night…I am getting married in less than 6 weeks and have done nothing but stuff my face lately, and I’ll never fit into my dress. LOL But no worries, Its about exercise and eating healthy. Good luck to you 🙂

      7.22.08 - 12:13 pm

  13. Lindsey Marie -

    Hey jasmine! Woohoo! I know how you feel! I ordered my wedding dress (wedding in 4 weeks) one size too small and when It definately wouldn’t zip when it came in two months ago, i knew it was time! Since then, i’ve lost 26 pounds in less than 2 months just by eating healthier and exercising more! Not really a strict diet! So you can still have your ben and jerry’s! you are gorgeous anyway!

      7.22.08 - 12:42 pm

  14. Joyce DZ -

    Much luck Jasmine but I think you are gorgeous already. Anyway, I am in the same boat right now, trying to get back to size 2 (the most). 🙂

      7.22.08 - 12:46 pm

  15. Stacy Cross -

    Hey girl – you can do it! Actually I just started a no bread/sugar diet about a week ago and it’s going pretty well. You’re not alone!

      7.22.08 - 2:34 pm

  16. jess@studio3z -

    good luck to you girl! helpful hint- all or nothing. Sounds harsh but I am a recovering "sugaraholic". Due to allergy issues I had to nix sugar, yeast, and dairy. It was TOUGH at first, but now not so much. The first week is the worst, because your body SCREAMS for it. Let me know if you need any help with this sorta stuff. I’ve kinda been forced to become an expert on this topic.

      7.22.08 - 2:48 pm

  17. Lindsay Kipp Photography -

    You go girl! I am trying to do it with ya! It’s hard though but I know we can all do it!

      7.22.08 - 3:49 pm

  18. Dawn Bergeron Photography -

    Jasmine – I know the feeling. I’m prepping for my 20 year reunion in a week and I’ve never really had to diet, but I can see that as I get older, the metabolism doesn’t do what it used to do. What I am loving lately is this all natural snack from True North – Pecan Almond Peanut Clusters – so very good, all natural and high in protein and satisfying. You look gorgeous and don’t need to do anything, but if you want to be healthy – I love these!

      7.22.08 - 4:04 pm

  19. Hanssie -

    Diets Suck. But good luck !

      7.22.08 - 4:31 pm

  20. Marissa Feliciano -

    Yes, we’ve all gotta start somewhere. The only way I can make myself stick to healthy eating is the Sunday Farmer’s Market. I get all my fresh veggies and non-processed food for the week, I get to chat with familiar faces, and I get to treat myself to some cute, original earrings. And then I reward myself with frozen yogurt at my favorite spot…YogArt! If ever in San Diego, you must try YogArt!

      7.22.08 - 4:46 pm

  21. Michelle -

    I am so there! I have been working out, started working with a trainer and am seeing results but I know that I need to alter my eating habits, too! I LOVE food and HATE dieting! I just need to make better choices and will be visiting the farmers market this evening…after my session with my trainer. 🙂 I wish you luck in accomplishing your goals.

      7.22.08 - 5:11 pm

  22. Alyssa Turner -

    I am day three back on the diet wagon. I have not worked out since my kids got out for summer break and my rear end is paying the price. I am doing the weight watchers online. I love it b/c you can still eat what ever you want but have to do so in moderation. It also gives you lots of recipies to eat the things you love but a healthier version. I am loving it, and am down 3 pounds today!

      7.22.08 - 5:26 pm

  23. Brian Khang -

    I’m thinking of doing that when I hit the 30! 1 more year to indulge!

      7.22.08 - 5:40 pm

  24. Jennifer -

    I like the concept of a light cleansing before the full on blown out version. I am with you… I will also start eating better. No more white cake with coconut icing (had it for lunch – YIKES!).

      7.22.08 - 6:16 pm

  25. Matthew Saville -

    I like you, you add "-ish" to the end of any word you want, just like I do! But honestly, unless you weigh considerably MORE than your man, I think you should be able to eat whatever the heck you want, whenever you want! But that’s just me; not a fan of "stick insect" women… 😛 =Matt=

      7.22.08 - 6:18 pm

  26. cassandra m -

    that is hilarious after your last post. love it.

      7.22.08 - 6:36 pm

  27. Lin -

    If you ever find the secret to dieting, please let us all know! In the meantime, I am having the hardest time trying to motivate myself into working out. What motivates you? Besides Ben and Jerrys?

      7.22.08 - 7:57 pm

  28. Nelly Chung -

    I don’t see anything you need to loose but if you think so, more power to ya! I’ll diet with ya! I should probably stay off those new Dairy Queen Thin Mint Blizzard’s. Have you tried it? Soooo GOOD!

      7.22.08 - 7:57 pm

  29. Paper Monkey -

    Good luck! I do that every Monday, but somehow I end up in the freezer with a spoon in the ice cream carton by the end of the week.

      7.22.08 - 8:02 pm

  30. Tunji Sarumi -

    Are you setting some type of (healthy, no-sugar diet, scale smashing, clean, and fresh) goal?


      7.22.08 - 9:02 pm

  31. Natarsha N. Wright -

    Good luck! I will enough ice cream for the both of us…

      7.22.08 - 10:45 pm

  32. Natarasha N. Wright -

    sorry about the typo…I meant to say, I will eat enough ice cream for the both of us…lol

      7.22.08 - 10:49 pm

  33. Tanya -

    good luck! I have no will power any more:-)

      7.23.08 - 10:28 pm

  34. Chris Enzaldo -

    So with you on this sentiment! I’m very happy with my new diet. Incorporates spinach (healthiest food on the planet, calorie for calorie), salmon, tomatoes, olive oil, green tea, nuts (especially walnuts and seeds), blueberries and raspberries, yogurt, goji berries (so good for you!), red wine, whole grains, and more goji berries! I learned a lot from this website: Great info on the most nutritious foods on Earth. Good luck! (I’m not giving up ice cream, either. I just go for sugar-free!)

      7.25.08 - 6:19 am

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