Shooting Star : Digital files + Same Day Slideshows


Lately I’ve been on a folk music kick. Anything that sounds like it was recorded in a field of wheat, with banjos, and dancing gnomes is just my style. Makes me feel like I’m back in college and studying to my most favorite weepy soundtrack. My brain sighs when folk is playing and the deep breaths put me at ease, like a reminder life is okay. When JD gives me a sideways glance upon the umpteenth time playing Alexi Murdoch, I simply turn to him and proudly announce: MY BRAIN IS BREATHING, OKAY?!

Maybe all this breathing has put me in a talkative mood or something because today is another installment of Shooting Star. And though I’ve said in in the past, thank you for the feedback. We’re still trying to figure everything out and your support means the world. F’realsies.

In this video I’ll be discussing…
*How to improve photography skills in spite of being discouraged.
*How I design wedding albums. (And here’s a link referencing my album outsourcing).
*Whether I include digital files with my wedding photography services.
*How I create same-day wedding slideshows (I forgot to mention that I display the slideshow on my laptop via iPhoto, but one can easily use Lightroom or screensaver mode to achieve the same result).

Like always, you can submit questions for future FAQs on Facebook!