Shooting Star : Overcoming Fear + Second Shooter


Yesterday I rushed home to prepare for an interview. I had very little time, so I ran around the house like a tornado, leaving a trail of clothes in my path (I, apparently, had a hard time finding something to wear). Seeing how I consider sweatpants acceptable attire most days, I figured it’d be a good time to record a video FAQ. Because, really, who knows the next time I’ll actually take the time to do my makeup. I’m still trying to figure out if this makes me sound all earthy and natural…or flat out lazy.

Either way, this installment of Shooting Star is slightly different from the last, based on your feedback. And, really, THANK YOU for the feedback!!! Before the video is watched, please note…
*No music is played.
*I tried talking slower (emphasis on tried).
*I flubbed a few times, but didn’t start again. Yup, I’m definitely lazy.
*I reference both OSP Photography Forum and The B School.
*I referenced Tony Burch…but I really meant Tory Burch. I get way nervous doing these videos.
*I make up words. I counted five in this video alone.

In this video, I’ll be discussing…
*How many photos a client receives after a wedding and engagement session.
*Overcoming fear when photographing your first wedding.
*What shoes I wear when photographing a wedding.
*Tips to becoming a second shooter for weddings.

Please don’t ask why THIS photo is used as the screen capture for the video. It looks like I enjoy spending lots of time in Amsterdam.

Happy Wednesday!

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