Shooting Star : Wedding Preparation Photos


A couple days ago, I blogged wedding preparation photos taken by JD and said I’d be using them as examples for today’s Shooting Star. Around that same time, I asked friends on Facebook if they had questions pertaining to this subject and, boy oh boy, did you respond. Thanks for reaching out and touching me…and, whoa, I just sounded like an AT&T commercial circa 1989. You know, before they got into the business of dropping calls. Zing!

After reading your questions, I decided to rethink this installment and address what you wanted to know…not what I wanted to talk about. And this is great! These videos are, hopefully, a way for us to share information, feedback, and knowledge.

This week’s installment of Shooting Star will address:
*Top 10 Tips Photographing Wedding Preparation
     1. Be Specific.
     2. Be Detailed.
     3. Ask Maid of Honor for Details.
     4. Stay Out of the Way.
     5. Introductions with Makeup and Hair Artists.
     6. Clean the Room … Declutter.
     7. Suggest the Best Light.
     8. Less Posing.
     9. Bring Extra Light (to see the video light I referenced, you can find it here).
     10. Roll With the Punches.
*How to pace limited time on a wedding day to photograph wedding preparation.
*Suggestions for a male photographer as he shoots bridal preparation.
*What lenses I use for preparation photos.
*How I work in low-light situations.

Hope this helps and, if not, I’ll try again in a few weeks!

Happy Wednesday!