SmugMug Christmas Party 2009


I love the holidays. Last Monday I hung out with a fabulous group of people and we ate food, sang Christmas carols, and decorated cookies. It was like a Christmas chick flick…only better! Then last night I had the pleasure of hosting the SmugMug Christmas Party, along with the Los Angeles leader Peter of Peter Garr Photography and San Diego leader Garrett of Garrett Photography. Talk about getting my holiday partying on!

As JD and I walked back to our car at the end of a wonderful evening, I couldn’t help but feel so insanely blessed. Everyone who came out and supported the event just blew my socks off and I’m proud to call my peers, my friends. More than 250 photographers came to Orange County to enjoy an evening of just hanging out. The canned food drive was a total hit and with everyone’s help and support, we collected hundreds of pounds of food! When Peter loaded his car to take it to the LA Food Bank, he looked like a low-rider gansta because of the weight of the food. Hollllllla!

Many thanks to everyone who showed up, and a BIG thank you must go to Jeff Jochum for making his way from Denver to spend time creating a group based on fostering a caring community on behalf of SmugMug.

Now onto two of my favorite things….trees and sugar!


Here’s Peter hosting an awesome raffle…seriously…there were some awesome prizes!

Garrett representing SD….

Yours truly. With a truly bad bang day.

Jeff talking about his stint in prison….no lie! 😉

Dear Mom…this is why we don’t have kids…

So, so, so proud of this amazing donation of food! Lots of boxes!

Some kind soul brought an entire box of Neutrogena hygiene products…so awesome!

Again, thanks to everyone and I can’t wait to hang out again in 2010!