Tag, You’re It!


So, it appears that I’ve been tagged by the following bloggers:
*Erin Kate
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*Melissa Schwartz

From what I understand, I have to list eight things you may not know about me and then tag eight other bloggers to do the same.

8* High Maintenance
A couple nights ago I was walking with JD and Polo to Jamba Juice when I told him my best friend jokingly told me I was a high-maintenance kind of girl. Ugh! Can you believe she said that?! I said in shocking disbelief. Yes. That was his answer. No explanation, no expounding, no similar shocking disbelief. I cajoled him for an explanation, but he said he didn’t have to delve into the subject. I should, he said, just trust him and accept that I’m high maintenance. As much as I want to kick and scream like a petulant five-year-old that, no, I’m not high-maintenance, perhaps they’re right. I mean, just the mere idea that I had the capacity to kick and scream may be indicative of their point 😉

7* The Secret Love Affair
The way we look at each other every night is sultry, often times down right naughty. I try looking away in a bashful head-tilting kind of way—think sophomore year of high school here—but I’m always drawn back. My hands often cup the cool brown skin and I look into my crushes’ eyes and they look back at me. Lovingly, longingly, invitingly. Me, Ben, and Jerry. We have this secret love affair.

6* Being Fine With Silence
There was a time when I couldn’t stand silence. When a car ride fell quiet, I became restless and began chatting away like an old parrot. The weather. The Lakers. The ___________ (fill in the blank). However, I’ve grown up a bit and silence is totally welcomed. With a doormat and everything. In silence, thoughts and emotions are developed and I’ve learned to be okay with it.

5* Connie Chung
Growing up, I totally thought I was going to replace news anchor, Connie Chung. No…I really, really firmly believed I was going to be on the national evening news. Because I was a somewhat demanding kid, I’d convince the neighborhood kids to host our own evening news and tape-record the sessions. We were awesome. Kinda. I, of course, was the lead anchor and aimed to bump Connie Chung’s pretty face and bob haircut off the national circuit. Thankfully, my life took a different path and I no longer want to be Connie…besides, I don’t think I’d be able to sport a bob the way she did.

4* Dental Floss
I love flossing my teeth. Like really, really love it. Yes, it’s a weird fascination, but there’s nothing more refreshing than flossing and brushing before I go to bed. I love it!

3* Puttin’ on the Ritz
I was a complete tomboy growing up. No dresses, ashy knees, dirty fingernails, and matted hair. Every Easter I’d cry when my mother forced me to wear a dress, but the minute the pastor completed his sermon, I was in the church foyer peeling off my stockings and patent leather shoes. Still to this day, I prefer throwing my hair in a ponytail, slipping into a pair of comfy jeans, and sporting my Rainbow flip-flops…although I have been known to get dressed up a bit more often now than in childhood! 🙂

2* Where’s the Beef?
I’m a vegetarian. Most people don’t know that. When I was 11 years old, I looked at the greasy, steaming pork chops served for dinner, and I was all, not-uh, no way Mom am I going to eat that for dinner. I haven’t looked back since!

1* I Get Caught
He asked me stop over a year ago. It happens when I’m rushed and I don’t take the time to find my own. In fact, I was caught this morning. Jaaaaaaz, you used my razor again to shave your legs, didn’t you? So busted.

Here are the fellow bloggers I’m tagging:
*Dooce…be sure to check her blog out because Heather is insanely hilarious and takes totally fun pictures!
*David Jay…because he’s the best thing since flavored tortillas
*Becker…even though he’s in Boston, I’ll force him to play! 😉
*The Shootsac…hey, it’s more than just a bag!
*Amelia Lyon…because words can’t describe how much I love this girl!
*Drew B…because I want her new baby to like my blog the most!
*Kailee from Blu Domain…is it just me or does everyone want to know more about this girl?!
*Mike Colon…because his blog posts are so sporadic and I want to read more them! 🙂 (Just kidding, Mike….kinda…not really)

Now the best part is that my blog readers can leave a comment and tell me a lil sumthang sumthang about YOU! Go on now…leave a message after the beep. BEEP.