The Face of an Olympic Competitor


We spent every chance we could this weekend watching the Olympics and anxiously awaiting a country medal count. Who knew I was way into archery or skeet shooting? When it comes to winning a medal plated in six ounces of pure gold, apparently I am. Because I started feeling left out of the competition, I thought of what events I might medal in and I came up with the following:
   *The US Eating Team <-- America's the heavy favorite (I worked hard for that pun).    *The US Eye-Rolling Team    *The US Hairspray Team (the team who achieves maximum volume with least aerosol emission takes the gold)    *The US High Heel Sprinting Team    *The US Talking Team (JD suggested he'd be on the US Listening Team) The aforementioned list makes me sad because I have, like, no athletic ability. Once during gym class in high school, I had to jump over a box but missed the peak and tripped flat on my face. It was then when my Olympic dreams were dashed. However (and you knew this However was coming), I will say that if there was a competition for organizing people to pose for a photo, I'd be on the top podium. I mean, just look at the determination in my face at Saturday's wedding...

I’m so glad JD captured my photo finish.

Happy Monday, Internet.