The Gifts Came Early


I make no issue being 100% honest with myself. I could be a better wife, a better child, and a better friend. Sometimes I hate admitting my inadequacies, but spotlighting them helps me improve. Or at least I hope so! 😉

This summer has been insane with all the shooting I’ve been doing…and I absolutely love it…and wouldn’t change a single thing. Well, maybe just one thing. I work too much. It’s like I don’t have an OFF button or something. Perhaps I slipped by Heaven’s quality control inspector unnoticed. I like to blame my Type-A personality, OCD, perfectionism, or whatever buzz word is applicable, but the fact of the matter is that I really just don’t know how to let go and breathe every once in a while. However, it’s something I’m working on.

No, no…it’s something we’re working on. JD is an ever-present force in helping me take time to smell the roses. And ocean. And Polo’s sweet doggy breath.

To my pleasant surprise, JD bought me an early anniversary gift:

JD’s comes home every evening to the sight of me in front of my computer and he thinks that I can better use my time with a pimped out Mac Pro. I can’t WAIT to get it set up and start crankin’ away at my projects. I’m such an Apple nerd, so I’m dying with anticipation and excitement!!

And on a totally unrelated sidenote, I was planning on buying JD argyle socks for our anniversary…so, yeah…I need to think of something a little nicer. Suggestions are welcomed. No, really, I need some gift ideas…stat! 🙂