The Jasmanian Grinch


Please don’t ask me how, but I just discovered The Grinch and I are long-lost cousins. Once removed by marriage. And if you’ve seen me lately, you’ll notice an uncanny resemblance, complete with a furrowed brow and unforgiving eyes.

I spent the last few days trying to accumulate last-minute Christmas gifts in swarming hives—oops, I meant shopping malls—attempting to salvage my last ounce of holiday cheer. As much as I’ve tried listening non-stop to Christmas carols, wondering what figgy pudding really is, and dressing Polo like Santa, I’m still feeling like the Grinchest of them all.

Today, as JD and I were buying wrapping paper in a line spanning the length of what appeared to be the Atlantic Coast, he rolled his eyes at one of my impatient comments. I turned to him and said, Heeey, YOU’RE not allowed to be grumpy…I think you’re acting a little Jasminesque.

JD looked at me dead-on and dramatically rolled his eyes again. Just in case I missed it the first time.

Jasmanian. That’s what JD said I should call people when they’re acting like the decrepit side of me. Apparently, Jasminesque sounds a little too nice. So, the next time your son is acting up in the grocery store, or your husband won’t relinquish the remote control, just turn to them and say, Stop acting so Jasmanian! That should get them straightened out right quick! 😉

Tonight JD and I are calling it quits and renting a movie. To be honest, I had a very nice dinner with my family celebrating my sister’s birthday, and I’m quite sure a nice holiday movie will make the evening even better.

So, maybe if I’m lucky—and I hand over the remote control nicely—my Grinchy appearance will disappear…and my Jasmanian characteristics will thrown away with all our extra wrapping paper!