The Same Streets


The following is a text message from my best friend from law school, Dan, last Friday night:
If you had stayed in law school, you would have just found out you passed the bar. I’m happy you found something much better to do.

As I read the message in my hotel room, the small iPhone screen illuminating my otherwise dimly lit quarters, my stomach flip-flopped. So much has changed since law school.

The last time I was in San Francisco, it was a last minute decision. I had been accepted to UC Berkeley Law School and, part of being a prospective student on a full-scholarship, I was invited to stay a week and participate in law school mixers and things of that nature. A few days into the trip, I called JD crying. I was homesick and missed Southern California. I felt unbearably out of place and even if I wore bright yellow polka dress and green cowboy boots, I couldn’t have stuck out more.

JD booked a last minute flight to San Francisco and we met in the city, throwing caution to the wind and wandering the chilly streets together.

Just a few years later, JD and I wandered the same chilly streets. However, this time around, I was much happier and content…with a fresher outlook as to where I’m headed, both personally and professionally. We sipped tea in Union Square, watched the Christmas tree illuminate against the black foggy sky, and—with many thanks to my amazing client, Jenny—ate the most delicious food. Ever. Jenny compiled a list of her favorite cafes and restaurants, so our entire weekend was centered around our reservations! 😉 It did nothing but bad things for my new diet, but I rationalized that with all the walking I did, I could pretty much eat a horse and be calorically guilt-free. Sort of.

I’ll be blogging the engagement pictures soon, but I just wanted to thank Jenny&Andrew and Helen&David for being such wonderful hosts and tour guides. I experienced San Francisco in many new ways, so thank you! And a special thanks to JD for never letting me roam the hilly streets of San Francisco alone.