The Workshop : New Zealand


Every so often there are moments when I stop in my tracks and realize–BAM!–I’m so lucky to do what I love. While in New Zealand, I experienced this emotion more times than I could count and every step along the way, things only got better. By the time JD and I arrived in Christchurch, New Zealand for The Workshop, we were ready to go. With the amazing help from Mirelle at The Crowne Plaza, all we had to do was show up ready to teach and take photos.

This workshop would not have been possible with the help and contributions of many people, so here’s a shout out to fabulous vendors…
Louise Anderson – The wedding gowns were drop.dead.gorgeous….thank you for generous sharing your creations and I’m thrilled to have worked with such an amazing artist. Thank you!
Melanie Brown – I was thrilled with the models were worked with and Melanie made things so lovely…I appreciate everything!
Kristen Stewart – Gennady was a perfect makeup artist. She did an amazing job and even stuck around all day for touch-ups…so appreciated! 🙂
Mod’s Hair – Despite the wind and bright sun, the models’ hair stayed in place and looked great…thanks!
Working Style – Thank you for providing the mens’ suits….they looked incredibly dapper and we have you to thank for that.
And, lastly, a HUGE thank you to the models. Brad, Katy, Leon and Anna….you made my day extra sweet. Thank for not only being beautiful on the outside, but on the inside as well. I wish you all the best!

There was a bomb scare in Christchurch the day of the workshop, so all transportation systems were stopped for a few hours….so we were able to hop on board and snap a few photos…

We then ventured into the Art Centre and spent most of the shoot roaming the gorgeous grounds…

….and we had some awesome wind, too!

I know this is quirky, but when I saw this trailer and what New Zealanders call ‘chilly bins’…I wanted to have a little fun…

And my favorite shot of the day…

To my new Kiwi friends and peers, thanks for coming to The Workshop and rocking my world. I think the best of you all and I know great things are in store for you! Don’t forget to give back, to share, and to continue helping each other…y’all are destined for fabulous things!