W Magazine and The Part Time Paparazzi


A couple days ago, I received a pleasant surprise in the mail: the newest copy of W Magazine! My best friend, Brianna, ordered me subscriptions to some of my favorite magazines…which was the bestest random gift I’ve received. Every so often our friends give random gifts (thanks, Mel, for the Mac makeup duster!) and it seems like Bri’s gift is the gift that keeps on coming…I LOVE it!

I often find inspiration in fashion magazines, and W is no exception. Here are a few photos that I hope to recreate sometime this year during wedding season…

Stuart Weitzman

Bottega Veneta (because I cut it out of the magazine, the mid section is missing…I failed my scissors class in preschool!)

I make it a point to always look at non-wedding photography. It helps me hone my skills and develop an eye to see art on an otherwise traditional day. I clip these photos from the magazine and place them in a notebook to look through when I’m feeling kinda, sorta blech about my work. I love feeling challenged, so seeing stunning imagery makes me want to be better and try harder.

Please note that while I attempt to make my couples look and feel good, I—on the other wrinkled hand—don’t give a flying fig about how I look. Obviously. Thanks to my friend, David Jay, I was able to see myself through his lens. Which is arguably more painful than one may think. We had such a nice time shooting Shelley and Brett’s Wedding, but I didn’t know he’s also a part time paparazzi! 🙂

I don’t remember what I said at this moment, but I want to use this as proof…

From: Your comedian of a wife, Jasmine*

I’m off to pick JD up from the airport. He’s been gone (again!), but he’ll be home later tonight…hollllla!

Happy Saturday!