Dani and Devin : Anytime


Dani tried setting Devin up with her best friend in high school. She—acting as Canada’s resident cupid—dutifully touted her friend’s beauty, charm and glowing personality. Dani even arranged a double date for them to join her and her then-boyfriend. Everything was going well…until…well, until Dani’s feelings for Devin changed. While she was telling her best friend about Devin’s smile, big heart, and intellect, Dani found herself falling in love with the boy she was supposed to setting up!

Little did Dani know that Devin felt the same way. Many years later, they’re still in love, running a photography business, and living along a beautiful river in Canada. Living the life dreams are made of…together and happily.

It’s been a long-standing wish of Dani’s to own a longboard and skate along the beach…well, that’s just what she did! She and Devin bought longboards and spent some time in the Orange County sun along Newport Beach…

Showin’ off their new moves…

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