It’s so much more to me. More than bouquets, cocktails, or fabulous shoes.

It’s about being unafraid to fall in love with my clients.

I am so incredibly blessed to do what I love. I LOVE. I shot a wedding yesterday and—beyond it being a beautiful testament to two amazing people falling in love and promising eternity to each other—it was simply marvelous.

The bride and I had an awesome connection, so documenting her wedding day was multi-layers of satisfaction and pride. I’m discovering my brides are girls who would be friends outside of our working relationship. We’re the same age, like the same movies, and feign over the same shoes. These elements make what I do so much more rewarding because I feel like I’m merely documenting a friend’s wedding.

Last night the bride came up to me on a few occasions and said it was the best night of her life. Incredible. I was blessed enough to document the day and preserve her memories. I am so blessed.

After the Grand Exit, the bride and groom sat in their vintage car and waved goodbye to their friends and family. As the car pulled away from onlookers, tears poured down the bride’s face. Tears of happiness and joy.

When I pulled my camera away from my face, I wiped tears from my eyes. Tears of happiness and joy. I am so blessed to do what I love. I LOVE.

Thanks to JD for capturing this moment…the bride decided to bustle her dress while we were shooting formals, so seeing how I was the only girl around, I took this honor very seriously! 😉