Kisses+Disses : Question Mark or Period


I ran around the house feeling the weight of everything that had to be done before my deadline. Oh, have I mentioned how much I love deadlines? I make deadlines for deadlines, so don’t mess with me and my calendar. As I hurriedly stuffed items into a bag, I conversed with JD while he sat in an adjacent room. I went on and on…and then said, I think I talk too much

And here’s where the story diverges.

Here’s my version:
…and then said, I think I talk too much, and JD replied, You do.

Here’s his version:
…and then said, I think I talk too much, and JD replied, You do?

Oh yes, Internet, my husband just played the Question Mark Game. The one where a guy insists he ended the sentence with a question mark–not a period–to get out of a sticky situation. By ending it with a question mark, he acted like he was shocked to hear such a thing. YOU? TALK TOO MUCH? NEVER!!

It hurt my feelings (to be honest, I think I was having an overly sensitive day…I cried at a Folgers commercial earlier that day), and he apologized. And then he said he didn’t mind me talking so much because he was a great LISTENER. Riiiiiight.

Now it’s time for another installment of Kisses and Disses

This week’s DISSES go to…
* Question marks. Obvi.
* Project Runway. Is it just me or is this season uber boring? It feels like a burlap dress.
* Folger’s commercials. Now that the holiday season is upon us, those promos make me all teary-eyed and emo.

This week’s KISSES go to…
* Sunset. I watched a full sunset yesterday and I was reminded to do it more often.
* Sparkling water. It’s my most favorite drink and I’m annoyingly addicted to a glass of Perrier. Every.single.night.
* Modern Family. This show just makes me laugh…and I can’t help but think JD is my own Phil Dumphy. Go ahead, be jealous.

Happy Wednesday!