35 Years


He asked me to take my camera to church and meet in his office. My father isn’t one to ask for pictures, so I knew this was a special request. My parents recently celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary and I’ve never seen my father so proud. It’s been a long road for my parents and each day they work hard at loving each other, so my father asked if I could take a photo of them. On their special day.

Dad: Did you bring your camera?
Me: Yes…did you bring your checkbook?
Dad: Checkbook? For WHAT?! And who uses checks anymore…this is the 21st century, baby!
Me: Well, how are you going to pay me for my services?
Dad: How much do I owe you?
Me: Well…I’ll give you a discount, but it’ll still be a few thousand dollars.
Dad: Hmm…once I deduct the cost of your braces, the three pairs of glasses you broke, the library fines, the parking tickets from high school, the hospital bill from your mother’s c-section for birthing you, and the $20 dollars you borrowed last week, I’d say you have outstanding balance.
Me: Fine, I’ll settle for you telling your other children I’m your favorite. Obviously.
Dad: You got yourself a deal.

Here’s to another 35 years together…