Shooting Star : Marketing

I'm currently out of the country until Thursday for a conference, but I'm sitting in a hotel room early in the morning, so it still feels a little like home. Except I miss Polo. He's usually up with me in the morning, curled in between my legs as I sit in bed. I don't think it's proper dog behavior, but he pretty much runs the house and I'd be embarrassed to have a conversation with The Dog Whisperer. Polo's such a diva I convinced JD to sign him up for a dog behavior class. We're starting in December and JD isn't sure we should attend the classes together…he's afraid Polo won't be considered the valedictorian of sit/stay/roll and I'll storm out of the class saying, WE SO DON'T NEED THIS, POLO!!!

Before leaving town yesterday, I decided to film a Shooting Star that focuses on Marketing. In this installment, I'll discuss why I stay away from print and online advertising and focus, instead, on how to build your business with a network of peers.

Like always, these videos are merely meant to help at least one person…if I'm missing the mark, holla back in the comment box and let me know what questions I should answer next time!

Happy Monday!