The Girl Who Guards the Bags


We spent this weekend in a barrage of airports, layovers, and cabanas. It was a whirlwind trip to Cancun for a lovely wedding for an amazing bride and groom. Can’t wait to share more of their wedding photos soon!

In other news, after assuring JD I safely packed our passports and after our cab driver asked if we were in possession of said passports, I raised my eyebrows and huffed, uhhh, yeah.

When we arrived to the front of the airline check-in line, I panicked. I FORGOT JD’S PASSPORT AT THE HOTEL. It happened in slow motion, but I turned to him and said Please don’t be mad…promise you won’t be mad…swear? It was like he knew–he just knew I forgot–so he turned on his heel, sprinted like mad man, and hailed a cab for the 30 minute ride back to the hotel. While I filed my nails…read a magazine…ate my weight in guacamole guarded the bags, JD went to fix my mistake.

This was just one of many this past week, but I’m just happy I have someone in my life who can deal with my complexities. And, really, nobody guards bags better than I do. Really.

Here’s JD hard at work…nobody adjusts a veil like that man.

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Happy Monday!