The Photo Business Learning Curve


Dear Jasmine,
I was wondering if you could share a post about what was the most difficult thing/struggles for you when you were starting your photography. Sometimes it’s frustrating not to get the results you have in mind, getting nervous during shoots or wondering all the time if the client would like your work. I know it’s a learning curve but some encouragement would be nice!
Nervous Newbie

Dear Nervous Newbie,
Sometimes in life it’s nice to have someone lean over and say, I’ve been there, too. I suspect that’s what you’re looking for, but I’m going to get all Emeril Legasse on you and–bam!–take it up a notch.

In the first year of my photography business…
    I arrived to an engagement session and forgot my camera at home.
    I backed into a wedding archway/alter, which caused glass figurines to fall over and break.
    I had a mother of the bride email me with the following: Please stop using that damn fisheye lens.
    A priest stopped a wedding ceremony and said all photography needed to end (ummm, he was clearly talking to ME!).
    I accidentally double-booked a wedding date.
    I sat in my car before every shoot and tried not to cry from nerves.

These are just some of the things I struggled with, but if we sat for a drink I’d share a heck of a lot more. I’m not proud of these moments (and I thought each one would end my new career), but they taught me so much about how to make things right, about how to embrace who I am…flaws and all.

When you start a business, there isn’t a learning curve, there are learning CURVES. For each of your current frustrations, you’ll have a new set in a couple of months. And it will continue as long as you’re pushing yourself, following your dreams, and making up the rules as you go.

Nervous Newbie, I hope you always stay a little bit nervous. If you aren’t nervous, your dreams might not be big enough.
Stay Fabulous,