Candid Look: Scrappy Action Gets Results

Wanna know what I love am obsessed with? Scrappy action. No, really, the scrappier the better. Why?

  • No rules, just results.
  • No expectations, just results.
  • No standards, just results.

And results are priceless because they guide the next round of scrappy action.

Last week I was invited by my (scrappy) friend, Stacy Tuschl, to get together for a one-day mastermind she organized.

But here's the kicker: She hosts some masterminds on a not-for-profit, invite-only basis. Stacy felt like masterminds were worth every penny, but—also—really expensive.

True to her resourceful Wisconsin roots, she took scrappy action and asked a small group of her friends to invest $_ , _ _ _ and she would organize the event and book a professional speaker.

Twenty people invested and it empowered her to hire Leila Hormozi to do a live 1.5-hour Q+A. Should I repeat that?


By pooling funds, Stacy was able to commission top talent for a highly personalized experience.

Leila doesn't do consulting, has a crazy schedule, and selects strategic events to present at…but because we aggregated our collective value (and investment), it was in alignment for her. Why?

  • We met in her hometown of Las Vegas, Nevada (short commute!)
  • She brought her videographer to record the session (content creation!)
  • She was able to talk about business strategy (dust yo shoulders off,!)

So why am I sending you this note? I want to show how YOU can take scrappy action like Stacy, regardless of what stage you're at in business.

>>How can you get started today?<<

  1. Reach out to a group of industry peers or colleagues and invite them to invest in a not-for-profit Mastermind.
  2. Set the investment price and facilitate an easy way to collect the payment.
  3. Once you collect, you now have a budget to hire a speaker for a group session.
  4. Reminder: Your investment can be listed at $100, $1,000, or $10,000, depending on the stage of business you/your peers are in. The key is to know that pooling your funds will empower you to attract someone who can teach you something from a further point in their career.

I'm sharing my journey because I want you—yes, YOU—to take control of your future opportunities. Don't wait for it to happen. Make it happen.

Scrappy action,