Friday Randomness : Christmas Stuff


Right now JD is listening to reggae music and I’m thiiiis close to poking chop sticks in my ears. And falling sideways. I mean, who doesn’t love a little Bob Marley here and there? I love me some ganja music, but after three hours of no worries, mon-ness, I’m craving less steel drum and more Little Drummer Boy. Oh, but don’t get JD started on Christmas music. He’ll start running with scissors if I suggest listening to Mariah Carey’s holiday cd.

In fact, it’s December 2 and we STILL don’t have decorations up. I don’t know what’s wrong with me…I’m usually that annoying neighbor who leaves my front door open while we decorate the tree. You know, just so my Christmas cheer can ooze right out onto the sidewalk and/or people can hear just how similar I sound to Mariah when I hit my high note.

I guess this means it’s time for another Friday Randomness post…

*Last night JD got a late night snack at Chik-Fil-A while I waited in the car. He scurried back to the car with his to-go bag and said he was thankful I didn’t go in and order with him. Why, I asked. He told me Mr Inconsiderate Accident Neighbor was eating and he was afraid I’d start walking with a limp. Or announce my need for a wheelchair. Or faint.
*I had a dentist appointment yesterday and received six (six!!!) shots of anethesia, but my mouth couldn’t get numb. My dentist made me rinse, take off my bib, and said he’d have to try again in a couple weeks. If you’re wondering if at that moment I felt like an orca the answer would be YES.
*I have’t started Christmas shopping. This makes me ill.
*Look at this Christmas card Holly Hatam of Teardrop Weddings designed…clearly she can sense my holiday spirit…or wants to hear me sing.

*This weekend my family is renting a cabin in Lake Arrowhead where we plan on drinking eggnog, baking reindeer-shaped cookies, and singing carols by the piano. Just kidding. You see, that’s the family I dreamt of being born into, but after all these years, I’ve come to accept love my dysFUNctional family. We’re more likely to listen to The Beatles than sing carols, and if there were cookies, we’d likely argue over who gets the last one…but, eh, we’ve found we’re better together than apart.
*I’m taking my family picture tomorrow. Why am I scurrrrrrred?!
*I packed Nutella in my luggage…would you say that’s loyalty or obsession?
*Is there anything I need to add to my Christmas list? Right now it’s comprised of a hair dryer, running socks, and Twizzlers, but I’m open to hearing great suggestions.

Happy Friday!