Friday Randomness : Nutella + Manifestos

Did I ever tell you about that one time I ate Nutella? Because, really, IT CHANGED MY LIFE. I know I have penchant for being dramatic, but listen to me when I say this stuff is like legalized drugs. Yummy, sweet drugs that make the world a prettier place without the use of pink elephants or lava lamps. It happened last week or so when Brianna served Nutella and strawberries for dessert. A bit later, JD cleared the table and I got all hostage on him.


The plate was practically empty, but I needed a moment to get my index finger and scoop up the trailed remains. I was pathetic, sitting there with my little plate like a crow digging through trash, but it was worth it. Trust me. That was my first Nutella experience, so you could imagine my delight when I got this for my anniversary:

Umm, that's, like, the most bestest gift evah. Speaking of bestest things, I made a personal pizza for JD last night and he was so impressed with my culinary skills, he took a picture of my creation. Next up, soy corndogs shaped like dinosaurs!

I keep one of my all-time favorite quotes posted to my computer–scrawled in my slanted penmanship–as a reminder of what is possible. A few days ago, my good friend Harmony of Jet Fete sent me the quote, but extra pretty and bedazzled…

Internet, if this picture doesn't make you go ga-ga, I don't know what will. I swear, this photo puts me in the BEST mood…

Came across this little gem yesterday on Facebook and the artist couldn't be more right…

I'll end this post with this awesome set of photos I saw on Design Love Fest. Apparently, someone painted a wall, provided chalk for viewers to participate, and what resulted was a public manifesto of sorts. And it's all kinds of awesome.

Happy Friday and go get yourself some Nutella!