Getting Clear on Your “Why”

What’s your why? 

Whether it came to your mind in an instant or your mind just went blank…

There’s a reason why you started that:

  • Project
  • Business
  • Collaboration

Or anything else.

You may not be clear on the exact “why” yet, but that’s okay. Let’s talk about how you can unearth your “why” and why doing so is so important. 

When you remain conscious of your “why,” or the underlying reason of what is truly motivating your actions at the center of what you do, taking the steps necessary to get where you want to go will be more consistent. 

Getting Clear on Your "Why"

Perhaps your “why” is:

  • Setting a good example for your children,
  • Highlighting the legacy of your family, or 
  • Building a successful business so that you can give back to your community.

Whatever it is, if you find yourself stuck in decision paralysis or battling self-doubt, it’s time to get clear on or revisit your “why” before you can move forward successfully. 

Maybe you can’t remember why you’re doing what you do or are having a difficult time discovering your “why”… Real talk? It’s time to start considering doing something else. 

If, however, you find yourself struggling because you don’t have the energy or simply feel lost but still know in your heart that you want to do what you’re doing… 

>>Getting clear on your “why” and keeping it at the forefront of your mind is the game-changer you need to keep going and push through.<< 

Your “why” will motivate you to continue to get up–even when it doesn’t make sense!

Your “why” will guide you even when everything you planned feels like it’s gone wrong.

Your “why” will inspire you to fight your way through the messy, scrappy, and disheartening moments. 

Your “why” will silence the “noise” of others’ judgment, misconceptions, and doubt. 

>>When you know why you do what you do… What’s possible for you is LIMITLESS!<< 

Allow me to share my personal experience with my “why.”

I often talk about business, right? And the thing that I’ve noticed is I can speak to anyone…

  • Photographers
  • Direct sellers
  • Plastic Surgeons
  • Realtors
  • Stay-at-home homeschool moms

And more.

Name a group of entrepreneurs and more often than not, I’m comfortable talking to and sharing with them. And you know what? 

The thing that ties these conversations together isn’t my business acumen. It’s not my savvy for breaking down social media strategies and marketing. It isn’t my robust knowledge and experience with sales. It isn’t building a seven or 8-figure business. 

The thing that ties every single person together, regardless of industry, race, gender, age, or social status, is the fact that I can speak to the business owner’s struggle in a very clear way. 

I can talk about strategy, quick wins, and business hacks, and I can actually show you 110% of how I run my business, my launch, or my promotion. I can show you all of it. But–

>>If your mind and heart aren’t aligned with your “why,” your business efforts won’t succeed.<< 

Not because you’re not talented or brilliant, or your product or service isn’t amazing. It’s not that at all. In fact, the opposite of that is probably true. You ARE talented. You ARE brilliant. Your product and/or service IS amazing! 

But if you don’t have the mental fortitude and if you don’t have the grit to get up when our business flat-out sucks, you’ll never be able to move the ball down the field. 

This is why you need to be crystal clear on your “why.” And guess what? It’s okay if, further down the road, your “why” changes or evolves. That’s a good thing. It means you and your purpose are growing and evolving too! 

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