Holly and Jared : Wedding

The large brass door knocker was in the shape of a seashell and the french doors faced a contentious ocean. The waves crashed against the San Diego shore and their echo bounced off the walls of the house, reminding the bridesmaids of their power. Skateboarders and tourists occasionally peeked inside the house from the boardwalk with it's open french doors. Some would stare and smile, others would shout Congratulations! Holly shyly smiled and waved. She was, after all, a stunning bride.

A few houses down, Jared and his groomsmen couldn't hear the roar of the ocean behind the boom of their laughter. Last minute tips on tying ties were swapped, quarters were passed out for a quick game of, well, Quarters, and Glen Livet raised in honor of Jared's wedding day. When the limo drivers arrived, Jared straightened his jacket and walked down the boardwalk, toward the house with the ocean-facing french doors. It was time to see his bride.

In the rays of unrelenting San Diego sun, Holly and Jared met for the first time as bride and groom on the boardwalk. Surfers passed by with their boards and neighbors peaked from nearby windows, and the ocean waves pounded the shore in applause of commitment. The sound, however, was not matched by the sight of two people in love; standing in front of the house with the seashell door knocker.

Holly and Jared, you must truly know how much I adore you both. I think you're incredibly smart, kind, and giving. And good looking. Totally good looking! 😉 I have been excited to document your wedding day from the day you booked me online and it's been a total treat ever since! Your day was nothing short of perfection and I was incredibly proud to stand by your side and document your first day as husband and wife. I hope you enjoy your honeymoon in Italy and if you'd like to bring me back a Florentine leather purse, I'll make sure the rest of the photos are fabulous! 😉 Much Love and Appreciation….J*

My day started beautifully when I saw Holly's Tiffany&Co amber earrings…so unique and so perfect for her!

The hair and makeup was done none other by the ever amazing Nicole DeAnne. She's absolutely amazing and extremely talented at what she does…she's awesome! 🙂

Holly's Melissa Sweet wedding dress was adorable…if you look closely, you'll see polka dots…love it!

Getting Holly into her wedding dress was no small task…

…but her bridesmaids and mom were on hand to offer assistance…

Holly, you're dashingly gorgeous…fo real… And look at her gorrrgeous Twigs and Honey hair adornment…Myra's work always blows me away!

Like I mentioned before, Holly and Jared opted to see each other before the ceremony and I was in love! Moments after their First Look, I asked them to stand on a ledge and just seconds before Holly let her dress fall to the ground, I snapped this picture. I love it because it looks vaguely familiar to a wedding photo from my own wedding! 🙂

After shooting at the beach, Holly and Jared planned for wedding photos at The Prado in San Diego. It was a bright day, but thankfully the trees helped break up the sunlight…and, really, these two could photograph easily ANYWHERE!

I love this photo JD captured

I know I'm probably stating the obvious, but I love the heart carved in the tree! 🙂


After the groomsmen photos, Jared and his USC buddies, started their Fight Song. As an avid UCLA fan, I cringed…thankfully I found an ally with Jared's brother, Connor, on the left side of the photo! 😉

I can't explain why, but I just love the following two candid photos…I think I'm in love with their love! 🙂

The absolutely best part of a bride and groom seeing each other before the ceremony is the ability to enjoy the rest of the day…together. When we arrived at El Cortez in San Diego, Holly and Jared were able to view the ballroom together and enjoy all the details they worked so hard planning.
On a sidenote, Holly told me I'd loooove the groom's cake. Oh, reeeealy?! It was a USC cake for Jared. Look here, Holly, look at me not posting a picture of it…look at how tough I am behind my computer! 😉 (just kidding…I love you!)

I love the moment when the father gives his daughter away…I think Jared realizes how special it was too…

The light was beautiful on the El Cortez patio for the wedding ceremony…

Happily ever after…

The First Dance in the El Cortez Ballroom…


As the music was bumping and people were dancing, Holly and Jared took a minute for themselves…

…but then then were serenaded by a couple bridesmaids and lured out to the dancefloor again! 🙂

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