Kisses+Disses : Car Accidents + ThinkTank

Yesterday was a big day for me. For weeks JD and I planned our day and all the details that surrounded the million pieces that comprised it. Until…wait for it…that freakin leak. Yes, leak I mentioned yesterday…the one that was supposed to be fixed on Sunday. But, no, the plumber came yesterday and JD texted me while I was at the gym to park in front of our home since the plumber's truck was in front of our garage.

Okay, fine. JD also tells me I won't be able to take a shower because the water is turned off. Again.

As I turn to park in front of our home–just feet from my front door–I get t-boned. Yes, a car slammed into mine and for a few seconds I'm completely lost. You see, I checked my rearview mirror for traffic and I was clear until I waved to my neighbor. And asked how his day was and wished him a great day at work. I was being very Mr. Rogers-ish minus the zip-up sweater. As we waved goodbye, I turned my car and got hit. And my neighbor? Got in his car and drove away.

Should I repeat that last part again? HE. DROVE. AWAY. Hey, dude, that's the last time I bid you a g'day. Seriously.

I cried, the other driver was shaken up, and JD–who ran out our front door knowing instinctively it was my accident–was already finding the silver lining: It could have been worse…she could have been driving faster…at least you're not paralyzed. Which leads me to another installment of Kisses and Disses

This week's DISSES go to…
*Leaks. Because, really, they really throw a kink in one's plans. Or LIFE.
*Missing my friends. There are moments when I wish I could have them by my side every second of the day.
*Car accidents…and neighbors who leave the scene. Need I say more?!

This week's KISSES go to…
* I stumbled across this site and I'm in LOVE. No more printing, signing, and scanning documents…it happens all on the web. Printing is so 2009.
*Orowheat Sandwich Thins. These whole wheat confections are part bun, part english muffin, part slice of bread… only 100 calories…and quite delish. I now eat really fancy sandwiches.
*ThinkTank. I got a new camera bag and it's perfect because it holds all our gear and fits in an overhead bin for travel. We've used it for three weddings so far and it's pretty darn amazing.

…and a bonus kiss goes to JD for reminding me it could've been worse.

Happy Friday!